The MICI Process

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MICI’s mandate excludes the following:


  • Accountability issues that are covered by other offices of the IDB Group:

Specific acts of employees of the IDB Group: Ethics Office

Prohibited practices or corruption: Institutional Integrity Office

Procurement and consultant contracting issues: Procurement Office IDB / IIC

  • Administrative or financial matters of the IDB Group.
  • Complaints that are anonymous or clearly groundless.
  • Matters that have already been reviewed by MICI, unless justified by new evidence or circumstances not available at the time of the initial complaint.
  • Particular matters raised in a complaint that are under arbitral or judicial review in an IDB-member country.
  • Complaints related to operations that have not yet been approved.
  • Complaints that are filed more than 24 months after the last disbursement of the relevant operation.

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