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Strategic Partnerships in Uruguay

The IDB maintains close relations with the leading multilateral institutions that are active in Uruguay: the World Bank, the Andean Development Corporation (CAF), the United Nations system, the European Union, and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), as well as the bilateral agencies of Spain, Japan, and Korea.

These relationships have been strengthened through recent initiatives to deepen dialogue and coordination among these institutions through meetings and group and bilateral forums. For example, the Uruguayan government has further strengthened efforts to improve coordination by creating the Uruguayan Agency for International Cooperation, as well as an office within the Ministry of Economy and Finance to coordinate multilateral lending institutions.

Examples of IDB cooperation with other development institutions include the following:

In the social sector, preparation of the Bank-financed National Strategy for Children and Adolescents Support Program received technical assistance from a social policy specialist from the United Nations Children’s Fund.

In the area of science and technology, IDB support for Uruguay’s National Research and Innovation Agency is coordinated with a loan from the World Bank and a grant from the European Union, requiring close collaboration among members of the three teams.

An IDB-financed neighborhood improvement program is part of a repopulation and revitalization strategy that the government is pursuing with the participation of the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning, and the Environment, in addition to donors and stakeholders active in the public security, gender, spatial planning, and national heritage sectors, including the European Union and AECID.

In the water and sanitation sector, the IDB will administer a grant from the Spanish Cooperation Fund for Water and Sanitation in Latin America and the Caribbean, to guarantee that rural communities and schools gain access to better water and sanitation services.

In the energy sector, the IDB is expecting to co-finance a combined cycle gas fired generation plant for the public electricity utility company (UTE), together with CAF, and Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KfW).

The IDB’s fiduciary and procurement sector has co-organized and participated alongside the UNDP and Uruguay’s Agency for the Development of Electronic Government and the Information and Knowledge Society (AGESIC) in technical workshops on government procurement.

The IDB has coordinated efforts related to public-private partnerships that have involved the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and CAF. Future opportunities for collaboration are expected with the Japan Bank for International Cooperation and the Japan International Cooperation Agency.


Stories of change

The IDB has worked with Uruguay to help build on that country’s solid foundation of democracy and rule of law to further raise living standards of all citizens. A particular focus of Bank support has been to improve Uruguay’s competitiveness by strengthening education and putting technology to work for the private sector.  

Uruguay: A perspective

Uruguay is a mature democracy with solid public institutions and a stable political system. Its judiciary system is independent, rule of law is firmly embedded in the country’s national culture, and legal safeguards are broadly observed. Read more >>

IDB in Uruguay

The IDB is one of Uruguay’s major sources of international financing, with disbursements of Bank loans accounting for nearly half of multilateral funding for the country’s public sector over the past five years.  Read more >>

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