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IDB in Haiti

IDB’s Enduring Support

The IDB plays a central role in the international team of institutions, governments, and civil society organizations working with the Haitian government to rebuild the country after the 2010 earthquake and lay a strong foundation for future economic and social development.

Immediately after the earthquake, the IDB focused on emergency relief and reconstruction efforts. During that period, most operations in Haiti’s portfolio continued to be executed as planned, although in the sectors of water and sanitation and education the Bank reassigned resources from existing projects to meet immediate needs, such as providing safe water to residents in the worst-hit metropolitan area.

The IDB has worked in Haiti for over half a century. Since 2007 the Bank has provided Haiti exclusively with grants extended through the IDB Grant Facility, which is financed by income from the IDB's Ordinary Capital. Following the earthquake, the Bank has strengthened its commitment to the country even further by establishing an organizational platform with 55 staff members who support the Bank’s operations in the country and plan long-term assistance.

Record disbursements

In 2011, the IDB disbursed a record $225 million in grants and co-financing to Haiti, including funding for school reconstruction, budget support, and other basic services. These disbursements exceeded those of any multilateral source of assistance to the country.

Approvals of fresh financing reached similarly high levels in 2011, totaling $315 million in grants and co-financing ($241 million from the IDB Grant Facility and $74 million from other sources) set the stage for even higher disbursements in 2012 and into the future.

Long-term funding

The IDB is the only international donor agency committed to providing Haiti with long-term financing for reconstruction and rehabilitation. Under terms of the IDB’s Ninth General Capital Increase, the Bank will make available a total of more than $2.34 billion in grants (an average of $200 million annually, subject to annual approvals), through 2020. In 2010, member-country contributions to the FSO allowed the Bank to cancel Haiti’s entire outstanding debt of $484 million and to convert outstanding loan balances into grants.

Top priorities

Over the next decade, the IDB will focus on the following six priorities:

  • Education: Provide support for education reform in which most Haitian schools would become publicly funded but privately run institutions; students would not pay tuition at subsidized schools.
  • Water and Sanitation: Strengthen ongoing efforts to provide sustainable water and sanitation services and establish a robust institutional framework for the water and sanitation sector. The viability of private-public partnerships will be explored.
  • Transport: Continue to focus on primary, rural and urban road construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance, as well as improvements for main ports and airports.
  • Energy: In the immediate term, complete works in earthquake-affected areas and increase electricity supply; during reconstruction, carry out investments in new energy projects in parallel to sector and institutional reform.
  • Agriculture: Continue to finance irrigation and watershed management and the control of pests and diseases affecting key crops. Programs will promote technologies that reduce soil erosion while boosting productivity and addressing land tenure issues.
  • Private Sector Development: Help to strengthen a business environment conducive to investment and entrepreneurship, create employment, investment, and foster competitiveness in high-priority sectors, ensure complementarities among activities of the different Bank Group windows, and provide credit and improved access to the financial system by small and medium-size firms.

Stories of Change

With an expanded staff of specialists in Haiti and in close coordination with other donors and government agencies, the IDB is ensuring that its projects produce lasting results. The challenges are great, but the IDB’s commitment to Haiti’s long-term economic and social development is firm. Read more >>

Debt relief

The IDB has canceled all of the debt owed to it by Haiti, and no new sovereign debt will be contracted in the foreseeable future due to the fact that the Bank provides the country only grants, not loans. 

IDB’s Pledge

The $2.34 billion the IDB has committed to provide Haiti will finance priority operations in education, private sector development, agriculture, transport, water and sanitation, and energy. Read more >>

Grant Facility

The IDB Grant Facility was established in 2007 to provide additional non-reimbursable resources for Haiti to finance operations critical for overcoming the present crisis and laying a foundation for long-term growth. 

Strategic Partnerships

By partnering with other public and private organizations, the IDB is maximizing its impact and laying a solid foundation for development. Read more >>

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