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Stories of Change

Boosting productivity of small farmers in Bolivia

Bolivia began a project in 2009 to improve access to technology to small farmers and boost their productivity. The project includes subsidies for farmers to acquire technologies to improve their production and support so they can improve market access and management of their farms.

Feb 20, 2013.

Small communities take charge of water and sanitation systems

Members of small communities participating in an IDB-financed program have constructed or improved 50 water and sanitation projects. The Small Community Water Program is being financed by a $14.7 million loan from the Bank’s Ordinary Capital and $6.3 million from the Fund for Special Operations.

Jan 24, 2012.

New drainage works protect lives and homes in La Paz

Construction or repairs of more than 5,400 meters of drainage works being carried out in the Bolivian city of La Paz with IDB support are helping to prevent landslides, erosion, and material and human losses.

Jan 24, 2012.

Infrastructure and services bring dignity to poor neighborhoods

Residents of very poor urban settlements in Bolivia are working together with local governments and the Ministry of Housing to carry out projects critical for achieving minimum living standards through a process that helps strengthen grassroots organizations and provide residents with legal title to the land they occupy.

Jan 24, 2012.

A fair share: water users build sustainable irrigation systems

An IDB-financed program is building some 33 community irrigation projects in arid and semi-arid regions in Bolivia using a watershed management approach that integrates data on climate, land use, and water rights to ensure participating small-scale farmers receive sustainable and equitable benefits.

Jan 24, 2012.

Local governments use new tools to improve public investments

Bolivian departmental and municipal governments participating in an IDB-financed program are putting into practice regulations and methodologies to carry out public investments that will ensure maximum economic and social benefits as well as financial transparency.

Jan 24, 2012.


Bolivia: A Perspective

In recent years, Bolivia has achieved economic progress that stands out even in a region that has emerged remarkably well from the recent global crisis. In fact, the Bolivian economy achieved the best macroeconomic performance in Latin America in 2009, and the following year posted a solid 4.1% GDP growth with moderate inflation, a surplus in external accounts, and balanced fiscal accounts. 

Debt Relief

The debt relief package the IDB granted to Bolivia in 2007 is helping the country’s government focus public spending on measures to increase productivity and reduce poverty. Read more >>

IDB in Bolivia

The IDB is providing critical support to Bolivia to help the country overcome geographical constraints and a legacy of poverty, and to consolidate encouraging macroeconomic progress achieved in recent years. Read more >>

Strategic Partnerships in Bolivia

The IDB uses its leadership role in Bolivia’s donor community to coordinate and harmonize efforts to help the country achieve its economic and social development goals while minimizing the burden and institutional cost of cooperation resources for the government. Read more >>

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