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About Us

As part of the Knowledge and Learning Sector (KNL), Felipe Herrera Library is a Bank's proactive partner on providing strategic information for knowledge-related operational projects. To achieve this, the library's mission is to anticipate and meet Bank's information needs, using results based planning to efficiently and seamlessly disseminate differentiated relevant information products.

Library Staff

Norma Palomino
Chief of Library Services 202-623-3918
Carol Mckenzie-Burton
Acquisitions Librarian 202-623-3231
Carolina Huart
INT Subject Librarian 202-623-1641
Erica Saito
VPC & IFD Embedded Librarian 202-623-1747
Fernando Blanco
Remote Metadata Gatekeeper 202-623-7647
Irma Eloá Cruz
Subject Librarian 202-623-1593
Ivette Fis de Melo
INE and CSD Embedded Librarian 202-623-3402
Jorge Eduardo Portocarrero Fernandez-Davila
Acquisitions Assistant 202-623-2161
Luiz Claudio França dos Santos
Repository/Library Software Developer 202-623-3468
Rodrigo Calloni
System Librarian 202-623-2952
Mónica Pérez Ashley
IIC Embedded Librarian 202-623-7515
Susana Mendoza Colonne
RES and SCL Embedded Librarian 202-623-3165

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