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Demand Solutions brings together some of the most creative minds from around the world to discuss and share innovative solutions to the challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean.



Hear from some of the world's leading creative minds as they present their ideas on how to improve lives at Demand Solutions.

Demand Solutions will cover:

  • Innovative solutions in education, employment, and health
  • Innovating in politics, science, and technology
  • The impact of culture, art, and creative industries in development
  • Innovative solutions for a sustainable future


Luis Alberto Moreno IDB President
Catalina N’haux Founder
Vicky Viel Temperley Founder
Fundación Donde Quiero Estar
Santiago Pena Palacios Minister of Finance
Miranda Wang Founder
Duília F. de Mello Astronomer and Professor
Catholic University of America
Gustavo Maia Founder
Colab - Sin Zika
Alexandre Angelini Founder
Katia Cánepa Vega Founder
Beauty Technology
Mónica Araya Founder
Costa Rica Limpia
Carla Zeltzer Founder
Ilana Milkes Espinosa Founder
Nativo Digital
Gary Servín Creator, RODI
Gabriela Galilea Founder, Okimo
Natalia Bobadilla Rolón Industrial Designer
Claudia Casarino Plastic Artist
Carla Fernández Tena Fashion Designer
Jazmín Sanabria Artist, known as
Jazmine from Paraguay
Soledad Núñez Minister of Housing
and Habitat, Paraguay
Dani Darosa TV and radio host
Bruno Defelippe CEO, Koga Impact Lab
Margarita Rojas Host, Caracol TV
Leticia Romero Founder
Girls Code Paraguay
Sylvie Durán Salvatierra Minister of Culture and Youth, Costa Rica
Katzman Julie T. Executive Vice President
Victoria Flexer Researcher

Luis Alberto Moreno assumed the presidency of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in October 2005. As President of the IDB, Moreno also chairs the Board of Executive Directors of the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) and the Donors’ Committee of the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), both institutions of the IDB Group.Before joining the Bank, Moreno served as Colombia’s Ambassador to the United States for seven years. In his country, he served as Minister of Economic Development and President of the Instituto de Fomento Industrial. In the private sector, he served as advisor to major Colombian and foreign investors and was executive producer of a leading television news program.Moreno has received numerous distinctions awarded by governments and private entities, including the Grand Cross of the Order of Boyacá and the Clinton Global Citizen Award for Leadership in Public Service.Moreno holds a degree in Business Administration and Economics from Florida Atlantic University and an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. He also pursued specialized studies at Harvard University under a Neiman Fellowship.

Twitter: @MorenoBID

Catalina N’Haux is passionate about Innovation and technology. She has a bachelor in financial administration and is a great promoter of women in business. She is Director of Healek and Prosewave. She is President of young entrepreneurs of CANIETI in Jalisco, Mexico and is part of the Consulting Board of StepUp Women, an accelerator for women entrepreneurs.During her career as CEO of Healek, she was part of an acceleration process in Silicon Valley. She has received funds from the Mexican government and she was recognized as a successful innovator in Jalisco in 2015.

Healek’s purpose is to save lives. By monitoring the status, the values and location of medical equipment, it reports in real-time the status of the machines, protecting patients who depend on it. With the analysis and research of the data obtained from the equipment, it seeks to predict functioning errors to save lives, save hospitals money, foster the health industry worldwide and contribute to improve the lifestyle of the users.

The solution is composed of Hardware and Software. The hardware connects to the equipment and reports the information it transmits, sending it to a data base where it is analyzed. The software is a web and a mobile application where the user receives alerts, reports and can control its inventories.


Twitter: @catanhaux

Victoria Viel Temperley is an Ashoka fellow for Social Entrepreneurship. Founder and Director of the Foundation Where I Want to Be in Argentina. Finalist of the Argentina Solidarity Award 2016. Through the use of creativity and the talents of the creative industries in her country, Vicky developed a program for the attention to cancer patients that improves the progressive adaptation to the treatment and the patients' and relatives' journey through the disease. In order to implement the program she articulated a public-private partnership with the contribution from the civil society for a hospital protocol at the Hospital Clínicas of the City of Buenos Aires. Her program is implemented in 14 public hospitals and was declared of social and humanitarian interest by the legislative body of the City of Buenos Aires.

Twitter: @VielVicky

Santiago - Master’s in Public Administration from Columbia University, and a BA in Economy graduated from the Catholic University of Asunción.

In the academic field, he worked as Adjunct Professor of Financial Theory at the Catholic University of Asunción (2004); and as Professor of Economic Theory at the same University (2005) and has published research papers in the areas of monetary policy and finance. Professionally, he started as an analyst of the Industrial Development Fund in 1999. Later he worked as an economist at the BCP, from 2000 to 2009, when he is hired by the IMF and transferred to Washington DC, USA. Where he remained as Economist responsible for African countries until 2012, when he is appointed Full Member of the Board of Directors of the BCP and currently serves as Minister of Finance since January 2015.

Miranda Wang is leading a community of inventors to solve the plastic pollution problem through scientific innovation. She is the Co-founder and CEO of BioCellection Inc., a venture-backed company based in Silicon Valley that is inventing a novel plastic upcycling conversion technology. She conceived the idea behind her startup when she was in high school, and her early research with Co-founder Jeanny Yao was featured through a TED Talk. Before graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2016 with a BA in Cell and Molecular Biology and Engineering Entrepreneurship, Miranda raised a nearly $1 million in investment. Her team has received numerous honors, the most notable being becoming the first undergraduate team in UPenn history to win the 2016 Wharton Business Plan Competition grand prize. Organizations that back Miranda's work include the Schmidt Family Foundation, The City of San Jose, Wharton Entrepreneurship, LAUNCH Nordic, and the Beijing ChaoYang Center for Overseas Talent Entrepreneurs.

Twitter: @BioCellection

Duília F. de Melois an astronomer working at the Catholic University of America, where she teaches Physics and Astronomy. Duília , a native of Brazil, obtained a PhD from the University of Sao Paulo (USP), a MSc from the University of Alabama, a MSc from the Institute of Space Research (INPE) and a BS in Astronomy from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). She performs research with a team of researchers at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center where she explores how galaxies formed and evolved to become like our own Milky Way. She is a regular user of the Hubble Space Telescope and other instruments in space and on the ground. She has in her resume a supernova that she discovered while observing the mountains of Chile and a collection of stellar nurseries discovered with the Hubble telescope. In 2014 she was named one of the 100 most influential Brazilians by Epoca magazine and Professional of the Year by Diaspora Brazil.

Twitter: @dudemello

Gustavo Maia - Advertiser, he studied Advertising Design at the European Institute of Design in Barcelona. He did an MBA in Marketing at FGV and a Certificate in Business Adminsitration at Insper-SP, Creation of Collaborative Solutions for the Government at Harvard University. He is the founder of Colab, a social network for citizens recognized as the best urban app in the world and as one of the top 5 apps of government and participation by the UN. It has 150.000 users in Brazil and 100 town halls as clients. He is an Entrepreneur of Social Impact by Endeavor. Representing Colab in 2014, he was named Sustainable Citizen of São Paulo by CBN, Catraca Livre and Rede Nossa São Paulo.

In 2016 Colab launched Sem Dengue/Sin Zika, a crowdsourcing app in which citizens report potential reproduction areas of the mosquito Aedes aegypti with a picture and geolocation for information to be sent to the respective government agencies. The app also allows for the reporting of fever symptoms and creates a virtual map that helps citizens get information about the health centers they can attend.


Twitter: @gustavommaia

After working 20 years in advertising in Brazil, Alex Angelini, created Popix Productions - a company specialized in bringing entertainment and education for young people and children. His productions for TV, Video on Demand, Internet and Mobile platforms have won national and international awards. The purpose of Popix is to combine entertainment and education, bringing its content to all social groups, without distinction.

One of the main projects of Popix Productions is Badabada, a musical series for children aged 0 to 5 years. It is exactly at this stage of human development that the child must have contact with the notions of music: rhythm, melody and sounds, as musical learning during these years exponentially stimulates brain development. With Badabada, Alex seeks to make quality education through music available to all children in Latin America and the Caribbean, with the ultimate goal of achieving generational social impact.


Twitter: @bandabadabada

Inspired by Invisible Computing and Wearable Computing, Katia Cánepa Vega proposes a new innovative form of interaction. Beauty Technology is a subfield of Wearable Computing that hides electronic components in beauty products applied to the skin, nails and hair. Katia´s word has been featured in New Scientist, Wired, Discovery, CNN, PSFK and others. She exhibited her work in several galleries and festivals such as Barbican in London,TekniskaMuseetin Stockholm, Music Tech Festival in Berlin and Bellagio in Las Vegas. She is currently Professor of Computer Science at UTEC (Peru). She held a postdoctoral degree in the group Responsive Environments at the MIT Media Lab. She obtained her doctorate and master's degree from the Informatics Department of PUC-Rio (Brazil). She was a researcher at Wearables Laboratory of HKBU (Hong Kong). Her undergraduate studies were carried out at the UNMSM (Peru).

Born and raised in Costa Rica, Monica started working on sustainability when she was 19, and has worked on this non-stop for more than 20 years. In 2014, she founded Nivela, a thought-leadership group devoted to clean development and Costa Rica Limpia, a citizen initiative. She studied Economics in Costa Rica and Environmental Management in the US. She obtained a Ph.D. in Environmental Management at Yale University. Monica is a Senior Associate at E3G in London and at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs named her “Personality of the Future” in 2014. ("Personnalité d´avenir"). In December 2016 a dream came true: Monica went to Antarctica as a member of the world's largest all-female expedition organized by Homeward Bound - and a part of her is still there.

Carla Zeltzer holds a Master’s in Business Administration by PUC-RJ and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science by UFRJ, as well as a degree in Entrepreneurship by the University of Syracuse.

Carla founded TecZelt in 2013, inspired by the mission to create educational technologies so that "all young peoplecould get a high level education, guaranteeing equal access to opportunities.” Together with her team and partners from TecZelt, she developed FazGame, a software that allows students to create educational games without needing any specific knowledge of design or programming - and in the process, develop the necessary skills to succeed in the twenty-first century.

FazGame was launched in 2014. It has been implemented in over 150 schools, benefitting approximately 12,000 students from public and private schools, with about 500 games published.

TecZelt was a finalist in a call for innovations by the Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade of 2014, and has many other recognitions. In 2016, FazGame plans to continue expanding through partnerships with non-governmental organizations, publishers, school systems, education departments and educational platforms.


Twitter: @Carla_Zeltzer

Ilana Milkes is the founder and current CEO of World Tech Makers. She specialized in management, systems and history at Robert Morris University, USA (BBA, MBA, MIS). Ilana also complemented her technical education with Starter League Bootcamp (Chicago) in 2012 and gained experience in private investment (Modern Holdings, NYC), KPMG (Chicago), Moneythink (Chicago) and FXStreet (Spain).

Nativo Digital is the 1st cross-platform app teaching children and teenagers how to code in Latin America and the Caribbean. It leverages adaptive and emotion technologies, a modular expert-developed curriculum and data-driven processes to bring 21st century skills to the hundreds of millions of children in emerging markets.

Its latest initiative, has received support from international organizations and organizations in Colombia to impact and empower more than 100,000 people between now and 2020. World Tech Makers has also been recognized by MassChallenge - Boston (top 26) and Endeavor Colombia for their 9-month acceleration program, "Promises Endeavor". Ilana is also a Global Shaper from the Bogota hub of Bogota and a former team member of the National Women’s Soccer Team.


Twitter: @ilamilkes

Gary is an Engineer in Electronics with an emphasis in Mechatronics. Passionate about robotics, hardware design of electronic devices and programming of micro controllers, Gary is a software developer in Ekumen, an Argentinian company of technological services. He is the creator of RODI, a project that seeks to obtain educational robots at economic prices. He works closely with Girls Code Paraguay to teach girls about robotics. Gary is also involved in projects that are trying to make it possible for ROS applications (software tools to build robotic applications) to work on small Android devices like tablets and cell phones.

Lawyer, entrepreneur and tech blogger, Gabriela was diagnosed with strabismus and astigmatism at 2 years old. At age 3 and 8 she had surgery and spent a lot of time in medical clinics. She had trouble concentrating at school and solving math problems. Her own experience inspired her to create Okimo, an application that consists of a game and a fun treatment to help people with eye muscular ailments. This creation allowed her to be recognized as one of the Innovators under 35 Paraguay and Bolivia 2016 MIT Technology Review in Spanish.

Natalia is an Industrial Designer from the Catholic University of Asunción and the creator of "Quantum", the first unipersonal ecological vehicle from Paraguay. Quantum is run by electric power, able to travel 60 kilometers daily with three wheels and a charger that connects to the outlet current. The project was designed to respond to the ecological crisis and propose a solution to traffic, and is currently working to reach 850,000 users.

Claudia is a recognized Paraguayan visual artist of international projection. She is a graduate from the ISA of the National University of Asuncion. She took courses at the School of Visual Arts in New York, Printmaking Workshop of Bob Blackburn and London Printworks Trust, among others. She is the Director of the Migliorisi Foundation, an institution dedicated to the conservation, promotion and diffusion of Paraguayan art and design. Her work builds around issues of identity and gender, using her own body as a space of representation and recurring to the language of clothing frequently. The main means of her art production are installation and photography.

Carla is a Fashion Designer and Cultural Historian who is dedicated to documenting, preserving, revitalizing and maintaining the contemporary validity of the rich textile legacy of the indigenous communities of Mexico. Combining the passion she feels for beautiful garments with a deep respect for artisans and communities who make traditional textile, Carla founded an ethical and sustainable company that owns a clothing brand and a unique mobile design studio. Carla promotes environmentally responsible production processes as well as the economic development of indigenous artisans and their communities, ensuring that workers are recognized and paid for their intellectual property.

Jazmín Sanabria, known as Jazmine of Paraguay, is a 11 year old talented singer. In 2016 she was recognized by the National Congress of Paraguay and the Children's Martyrs Foundation of Acosta Ñu, as the most outstanding person of the year. She is about to release her first Paraguayan music record as a soloist.

Soledad is Paraguay’s Minister of Housing and Habitat. At the age of 31, she became the youngest Minister of the Executive Branch. She served as Coordinator of the Poverty Reduction Plan in urban and rural areas, leading the strategy of territorial targeting by the National Government from the Technical Secretariat for Planning for Economic and Social Development. Soledad was a member of the first National Team for Country Strategy, a space promoted by the President of the Paraguay to foster social dialogue as a tool for overcoming poverty in the country. She is a member of the Global Shapers Asunción Hub, an initiative of the World Economic Forum.

Dani is host of Tercer Tiempo, a Paraguayan sports TV program, he is also a producer and one of the founders of the Paraguayan music channel HEi Network.

Bruno is co-founder and CEO of Koga Impact Lab. Koga is the first Certified B company in Paraguay and is dedicated to promoting the growth of high impact companies that combine social innovation and business strategy to solve the most pressing problems of the region. Previously Bruno was a volunteer and General Manager of Techo Paraguay from 2008 to 2012. Bruno is currently involved with several networks, such as Global Shapers (initiative of the World Economic Forum). He is also a member of the Advisory Councils of TECHO, CIRD, the Council of Civil Society (CONSOC) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) Chapter Paraguay.

Margarita is a journalist, international publisher, and currently she is the Director of International Information at Caracol Televisión, Colombia. Prior to her work at Caracol TV, she was the anchor of Voice of America's Spanish-language channel in Washington, DC, where she had the opportunity to interview President Moreno and various specialists from the Inter-American Development Bank. Margarita has a broad knowledge of the mission of the IDB and the region.

Leticia Romero is the founder of Girls Code Paraguay, an initiative that provides workshops, courses, technology camps and mentoring to encourage girls to become interested in technology and learn to code. Leticia is also General Director of ICT in Education and Digital Inclusion of the National Secretariat of Information and Communication Technologies (SENATICs) and university Professor in subjects related to ICTs. She is an advisor of ICT subjects for private companies, and also writes articles for UNESCO, UN and El País Uruguay about ICTs in education.

Sylvie Duran Salvatierra is a recognized Cultural Manager. She has worked as a teacher and researcher, as well as a consultant in the Ministry of Culture and Youth, UNESCO, UNDP, AECID and SICA. Duran Salvatierra holds a Master's degree in Management, Cultural Policies and Development. She is currently part of the academic body of the Virtual Postgraduate courses in Cultural Management, Management of Cities and Creative Entrepreneurs of the University of Cordoba, Argentina.

Julie T. Katzman is the Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer of IDB. As a long-time investment banker focused primarily on private equity, Ms. Katzman developed well recognized expertise in financial structures and products across numerous industries. Ms. Katzman joined the IDB Group in 2009 as General Manager of the Multilateral Investment Fund (the “MIF”). Eighteen months later, she was appointed Executive Vice President of the IDB.

Ms. Katzman also served on a number of corporate and not-for-profit boards. Currently, she serves on the Boards of Directors of the MacArthur Foundation and the International Center for Research on Women (“ICRW”) and the Board of Advisors of Instituto de Empresa in Madrid.

Ms. Katzman graduated summa cum laude from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and earned her Master’s in Management with Distinction from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University. Ms. Katzman also attended American University in Cairo and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Victoria Flexer is a researcher at CONICET (National Council for Scientific and Technological Research, Argentina) and a professor at the School of Engineering at the National University of Jujuy. Victoria earned a Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires and then performed research for over 7 years at CNRS, France, the University of Queensland, Australia, and the University of Ghent, Belgium. Victoria is currently directing an interdisciplinary research group composed of geologists, chemists and engineers working on various topics linked to lithium, a strategic resource for Argentina and the region. Her work ranges from the search for sustainable mining techniques, to the development of state-of-the-art batteries. The research is carried out alongside the creation of a pioneering research and development center in the province of Jujuy, Argentina.


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