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Latin America and the Caribbean region faces development challenges that require innovative solutions. In response to this, the Inter-American Development Bank launched Demand Solutions: Ideas for Improving Lives, an event that brings together the most creative minds in the world to discuss and share innovative solutions to address development challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean. Inspired by the success of the first edition of Demand Solutions in 2013, the IDB Group embarks on a bank-wide cultural change, aimed at connecting internal and external stakeholders with the latest world trends on innovation and the most disruptive ideas improving lives.

This model spearheaded by the Inter-American Development Bank seeks to bring the most innovative ideas to the region and revolutionize the way in which development issues are dealt with in Latin America and the Caribbean. For this reason, we are seeking partners to take part in this initiative, which will be high-profile but also interactive, innovative and unique. This is the chance to present in Latin America the ideas that are having an impact on our world.

To date, Demand Solutions is an open innovation model that believes in the power of organizations to reach beyond their comfort zone and in building relationships with external players. Demand Solutions brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and public and private institutions that contribute to co-creating innovative solutions to improve lives in Latin America and the Caribbean. Demand Solutions is an excellent opportunity to meet inspiring professionals, thought leaders and entrepreneurs who are passionate about innovation and whose ideas are transforming lives. Demand Solutions is a great opportunity to absorb new ideas and meet the innovators that are implementing them.

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