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Miguel Mora

Degree in Industrial Design from the University of the Andes, in Venezuela

Co-founder of the ergonomics laboratory at that university and RedParaCrecer ( ), as well as other startups of nationwide scope.

A specialist in 3DPrinting (since 2010) and 3D Biomodelling. Focused on achievement and making a contribution to society through his work. Founder and Product Development Manager of TakeaHand.

TakeaHand was created with the idea of achieving a world in which everyone has the hands that they need, regardless of their physical, biological, economic or social conditions, keeping in mind that everyone’s needs and conditions are different.

With the challenge of meeting this need from the perspective of designers, the company set out to find unconventional solutions in the design of personalized and affordable prosthetic devices for hands, using new technologies, 3D printing and crowdfunding through a cloud platform.

Right now two prototypes are being tested as the company assesses progress in the Minimum Viable Product – the bare essentials for it to be valuable before delivering it to final users.

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