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Mayer Mizrachi

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance, American University 2010, Master of Science of Finance, American University 2012.

The idea for Criptext came as we saw a dire need for secure communications in the political atmosphere in Panama. As my team and I were developing an app for a presidential candidate in Panama in 2013, we saw firsthand how a screenshot to one of his messages was leaked to the press and taken out of context. We realized then the lack of a platform that protected the privacy and security could be developed into an enterprise. We built first a secure messaging platform for business and launched it in May 2014 and by September 2014 we developed a secure email platform that would complement the business communication platform that we had created.

In the 3 months of operations Criptext has over 1000 paying users focused exclusively on Government entities in Latin America. By the Fall 2014 the goal is to broaden Criptext market to include large corporations in the financial services industry.

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