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Victoria Alonsoperez

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer.

Victoria is Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer and an entrepreneur. Together with a college friend, Sebastián Berchesi, she co-founded IEETech, a social enterprise that developed Chipsafer, a platform that can track and early detect anomalies in cattle health remotely and autonomously. In 2012 Chipsafer was the winner of the International Telecommunication Union Young Innovators Competition and in 2013 Victoria won the Best Young Inventor Award from the World Intellectual Property Organization.

In 2001 she witnessed how a Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak greatly affected her country´s economy and started thinking if she could design a technological system capable of early detecting cattle diseases. After graduating as an engineer she took up this idea and designed Chipsafer. She also made an extensive research asking farmers about their needs and modified Chipsafer to serve more applications.

Through Chipsafer the farmer can know at all times where his animals are and get statistics about their performance to help them become more efficient and improve production. Chipsafer can also help the farmer prevent epidemics and combat cattle rustling. The latter is possible since the farmer is warned if the device is taken out of the animal or if the animal trespasses a specified perimeter.

Besides having a great interest in social entrepreneurship, Victoria is passionate about space. In 2011 she attended International Space University, where she co-designed a medical experiment for astronauts that won the Barcelona ZeroG Challenge. She is currently co-Chair of Space Generation Advisory Council, a global non-governmental organization in support of the United Nations Program on Space Applications and is managing editor of a small satellite programs book that is part of the US Air Force Academy’s Space Technology Series.

She is a Singularity University alumna and co-founder of CloudStat, a startup that uses unmanned aerial vehicles for multiple applications.

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