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Ignacio Puig

Industrial engineer, Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA) and the University of Pennsylvania. Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum since 2013

Puig was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After working in investment banking in New York and as a business consultant, and aware of the social reality in his country and the world as a whole, Puig embarked on a personal search that led him to understand that everyone is seeking the same thing: happiness.

In this spirit he set off on an entrepreneurial path that would bring together his passion for technology, business and social impact. While taking part in an event for entrepreneurs he met his now partner Gonzalo Orsi, which was the first step leading to their current project: making education fun and available to everyone. Along with Juan Badino and the successful entrepreneur Tomás Escobar, in 2013 Puig founded Acamica. This is an online academy and community which, through the use of technology, allows anyone to learn the skills that are most in demand to confront the future, and to do it from scratch and swiftly. The skills are using technology, design and entrepreneurship. Through its own platform and content developed exclusively for the Internet, Acamica seeks to address estimates that 65% of today’s school children will end up doing jobs that have not even been invented yet and that by the end of the decade 65 million jobs will be vacant and the education system is not preparing us adequately to meet this challenge. As of today, more than 65,000 students around the world are learning and changing their lives through Acamica, with the aid of strategic partners such as the Buenos Aires city hall.

Besides Acamica, Puig and some friends created a library to give young people access to culture and education and keep them off the streets. He is a regular speaker at events on innovation and entrepreneurship.

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