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STARTUP: eatlimmo


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Enrique González

Graduated with a degree in economics from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, in Mexico

The goal of eatlimmo is for all processed foods to be more nutritional, at the same production cost or even lower. The company has concentrated on dealing with obesity. As a child, Gonzalez suffered from this disorder and at the age of 15 was pre-diabetic. From that point on he had to pay very close attention to what he ate and what the ingredients in his food were, so as to avoid developing full-blown diabetes.

Eatlimmo arose in 2013 in a national business-plan competition called Nanotech-Biotech in the city of Monterrey. Along with a partner, Gonzalez analyzed the problem of obesity in Mexico and how waste matter in the value chain is not utilized. The winning proposal was to reincorporate such waste as products that improve processed foods without raising their cost; the goal was for healthy eating to be accessible to everyone.

Eatlimmo developed a process that takes advantage of the most nutritional parts of fruits, which are normally discarded, such as peels and seeds. These are transformed into highly nutritional, functional and inexpensive ingredients for the processed food industry. So far the company has managed to reduce by 40% the use of eggs and fat in the bread-baking industry without changing the food’s taste or smell, and enhancing its texture, flavor and shelf-life. In this way producers can save 5% to 12% in their production costs even as they improve quality. The final result is simply better food.

The startup has already landed its first customers in Monterrey and Aguascalientes. They range from bakeries to hotels, restaurants and manufacturers of processed foods.

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