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Carlos Edmar Pereira

Computers Analyst. CEO of AEC a company,Focused in creating innovative solutions for people with disabilities.

Millions of people with disabilities can't speak. Most of them will never learn how to read, how to write or complex concepts, like Math. In Brazil alone, 15 million people can't speak. People with disabilities are the group with the highest risk of school exclusion.

Carlos is a father of a 7-years-old girl named Clara. Due to a medical mistake during his wife's labor, Clara has Cerebral Palsy. Carlos is very passionate about empowering people with disabilities and help them in creating a more equitable society.

Since his daughter's birth, Carlos looked for alternatives to help her. That is why he is changing the world by helping people with disabilities to be socially included by Livox, an app created by Carlos that is the evolution of alternative communication for people with disabilities. Livox adjusts itself according to the user's disability.

Livox enables them to do much more than just speaking - through a tablet. Livox has already reached 10,000 people with disabilities in Brazil and are now ready to take it to Spanish and English spoken markets.

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