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Brenda Peña Gutiérrez

Peña is co-founder and commercial director of DUHEM, Peru’s first online store for responsible, healthy and eco-friendly consumption. She has a degree in business administration from the University of the Pacific (Peru’s top business school), and has also studied business at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.

In 2012 she led one of 10 teams chosen by Wayra Peru (an incubator of tech businesses, run by Spain’s Telefónica group) to receive seed money and consulting from various experts in the eco-system of startups. It was with this prize that, along with her three partners, she launched DUHEM, the original idea for which came in a university classroom.

With more than a year of experience in the Peruvian market, DUHEM has consolidated its position as an online hub that brings together a varied supply of healthy, responsible and eco-friendly products. At DUHEM shoppers can find organic food, accessories that contribute to the development of the production chain of small-scale artisans, even clothing for children, proceeds from which contribute directly to an operation for children born with cleft lip. DUHEM has become a must-stop site for consumers who want to go beyond products that are simply attractive and of good quality and demand ones that are socially responsible. DUHEM has also had an impact on the development of small business owners by offering them the possibility to upgrade their commercial transactions and consulting on how to manage their businesses.

In recent years Peña has served as an adviser to various socially and technologically oriented projects along with the entrepreneurship center at the University of the Pacific. And in addition to her work at DUHEM, she is the commercial director of her family´s textile company, which illustrates her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the business world.

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