The Latin Macro Watch Database (LMW) is a public database that aims to democratize data on Latin America and the Caribbean. Updated on a monthly basis, it is designed to increase access to the region’s macroeconomic and financial indicators and help users to make better-informed decisions. LMW is a one-stop shop that provides indicators on economic activity, fiscal and external accounts, financial markets, and public debt. It is also uniquely comprehensive, with extensive coverage of the smaller economies of the region and bimonthly updates for selected variables from the region's 10 major economies. LMW supports nearly 600 data series at monthly, quarterly, and annual frequencies, allowing users to download raw and transformed data. It includes historical data –starting in 1990- and data that provide forecasts two years into the future. It also gives users pre-formatted, country-specific reports with a snapshot of key macroeconomic indicators. With its systematized interface, LMW makes it easy to filter, analyze, draw conclusions, and gain insights into the region’s macroeconomic trends. It is hoped that LMW will deepen people's understanding of the region's economic situation and empower them to make better predictions.

To cite our data, please use “Latin American Watch Database, Research Department, Inter-American Development Bank.”

Should you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at lmw@iadb.org


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