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Bolivia is one of the founding member countries of the IDB. Like all the shareholders, Bolivia appoints a Governor, who represents the country on the Board of Governors.

For day-to-day business at the Bank's Headquarters in Washington, D.C., Bolivia is represented by a chair on the Board of Executive Directors. The chair, shared with Paraguay and Uruguay, is headed by an Executive Director, who is elected to a three-year term by the Governors of Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The Executive Director's Office - IDB Headquarters

Executive Director:
Marcelo Bisogno (From Uruguay)
Alternate Executive Director:
Hugo Rafael Caceres Aguero (From Paraguay)
Temporary Alternate Executive Director(s):
Luis Hernando Larrazábal (From Bolivia), Pablo Fleiss (From Uruguay)
Luis Hernando Larrazábal (From Bolivia), Pablo Fleiss (From Uruguay), Viviana Maria Gonzalez Bogarin (From Paraguay)
Elected By:
Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay
Number of votes:
366,858 (2.59% of the institution's ownership)

Contributed Capital from Bolivia (as of 12/31/2009 )

  US$ Million
Ordinary Capital: 871.70
Paid-in: 37.30
Callable: 834.40
Fund for Special Operations: (after exchange adjustments) 48.70

The Governor

  • Governor: René Orellana Halkyer, Minister
  • Alternate Governor: Luis Alberto Arce Catacora, Minister
  • Communications between the Governor and the Bank: Banco Central de Bolivia
  • Number of shares: 129,428 (0.91% of the institution's ownership)

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