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The IDB supports knowledge creation and dissemination as well as policy discussion through a set of research networks.
BID Comunidades
This community site is a tool designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration between IDB staff members, executing agency partners, and other stakeholders interested in development topics relevant to the region.
Watch the videos that are making the difference, is the IDB YouTube network, a place where the bank shows the best of Latin America.
TV that motivates you to make a difference ... that's the Inter-American development Bank´s Vimeo channel. With the freshness and seriousness of rigorous journalism, we tell development impact stories with a human face in Latin America and the Caribbean.
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Upload your images, watch ours, visit our Flickr group and share the images that identify Latin America, your images could be featured on
A partner for Latin America and the Caribbean, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), is the main source of multilateral financing for the region.
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