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The IDB Group and Civil Society

"From the IDB Group work with governments, the private sector and civil society in an effort to have more and more consistent public policies that create great impact on communities, maintaining the social and environmental sustainability".

Alexandre Meira da Rosa - Vice President for Countries of IDB

The IDB Group works through the governments of 48 countries for sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean in 26 states in the region.

To achieve this objective, the IDB Group also promotes the inclusion of other actors that make achievable the following goals:

  • Reduce poverty and inequality
  • Promote productivity and innovation
  • Generate greater integration

Fulfilling this objective, the IDB Group fosters collaboration with Civil Society in five different levels of commitment:

In each of these levels, there are different actions carried out by different departments and divisions of the Bank, which enable a higher level of influence and inclusion.

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