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Quality of Life: partnerships for a positive impact. Forum IDB - Civil Society, Bahía, 2014.

The IDB and Civil Society

Partners for inclusion and development

The IDB collaborates with a wide variety of civil society organizations and NGOs, with the main aim of strengthening their efforts to reduce poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner.

For the IDB, efforts with CSOs and NGOs are of crucial value, not only to fulfill the objectives of the institution, but also to generate forums for participation that give voice to communities, making available all cumulative experience, generating knowledge, and, above all, ensuring the inclusion of project beneficiaries through a variety of mechanisms.

"From the IDB Group work with governments, the private sector and civil society in an effort to have more and more consistent public policies that create great impact on communities, maintaining the social and environmental sustainability".

Alexandre Meira da Rosa - Vice President for Countries of IDB

IDB - Civil Society Forum 'Quality of Life" Videos

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