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Camisea’s visibility and the constant oversight of the project by civil society, both inside and outside Peru, have required an extraordinary effort of transparency and participation by the companies of the consortia, the Government of Peru, and the IDB. This exchange set in motion a dynamic process in which rectifications and improvements were introduced in the designing and construction phases, and in the current phase of operations.

The consultation process began in 2000 with the environmental impact assessments for the upstream and downstream components. Since then, more than 400 different consultations have taken placed with the participation of the Government of Peru, Peruvian and international non-governmental organizations, and, above all, the local communities in the areas of direct and indirect influence of the project.

At the suggestion of the IDB, the companies in the consortium are completing a communication program to foster transparency and dialogue with the local communities and national and international stakeholders to offer more complete information on key areas of the project. Community Relations Plans were established with this purpose, and the websites of the companies in the consortium make general information available to the public, as well as information on progress in the participatory processes. ( (

The Government of Peru, with the support of a $5 million loan from the IDB, is coordinating an effort with different official entities for implementing, monitoring, overseeing, and reporting on Camisea, including training activities for the official agencies and for the communities involved, and a permanent communication and information strategy. (

The IDB carried out 13 public consultations during the project analysis phase. The Bank has made extensive and detailed information available to the public on the plans and systems for environmental and social protection, and health and security in all phases of the project, as well as reports – independent, government, and community – for monitoring implementation of the commitments acquired by all the parties.

In addition to having held dozens of community meetings, the IDB undertook to convene a meeting for consultation with civil society every six months to provide and receive information and opinions on the environmental, social, health, and security aspects of Camisea. The agendas of these meetings are drawn up with the collaboration of the participants and the mediation of a facilitator hired by the Bank.



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