The IDB Group and Civil Society

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) promotes the development in Latin America and the Caribbean by partnering with governments and the private sector to achieve its objectives. In the same context, the IDB sponsors partnerships with Civil Society, which together with other actors, are crucial to support their States in promoting development.

The IDB considers civil society a wide array of organizations, associations, academia, not-for profit professional and corporate social responsibility groups, non-governmental and not-for profit organizations, trade unions, foundations, faith-based institutions, and formal and informal organizations which belong to or represent interests based on community.


The IDB builds partnerships with different stakeholders of development. With Civil Society, the IDB also analyzes and selects Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to advance development issues trough institutional capacity, technical cooperation, implementation of project components, designing and creating knowledge products in association with Banks specialists.

Technical Cooperation

Technical cooperation (TC) is a specific project in which the IDB promotes the development of one or several topics jointly with sector specialists and other actors.

Strengthening Civil Society in LAC - "The Caribbean” (RG- T2393). Through funding from the Institutional Capacity Strengthening Thematic Fund (ICS), the project aims to strengthen the capacity of CSOs in the Caribbean by improving skills in project design, promoting regional integration, and partnerships between civil society and their governments in development programs. The TC includes “full immersion” workshops in Projects Cycle Managements (PCM) as well as training workshops for the implementation of projects for results:

Workshops PCM Jamaica: July 22-14 (University of West Indies). Read more information in this link.

Upcoming workshops:

Trinidad & Tobago: August 24-26

The Bahamas: September 1-3

Barbados: September 9-11

Haiti: December 7-9

Suriname: Date to be confirmed

Guyana: Date to be confirmed

Knowledge products

For the IDB Group, the creation of knowledge products, where there information gaps’ exists, provides the opportunity to understand the territorial and multi-sectorial project perspectives, improve coordination challenges; and include Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) that can generate replicable and scalable innovation.

Argentina. Under the leadership of the IDB Representative, Hugo Flores, with the coordination of the civil society liaisons Verónica Moreno and Vanina Di Paola, Thematic Table sessions gather the technical expertise of CSOs and sector specialists to create the report The Youth yes-yes: civil society lessons and experiences on the transition of young people between education and work. The report focuses on key interventions in protection (child-adolescent labor), formal education, employability training, research, transfer and advocacy, among others. See the publication in the next link:


Consultative Group of Civil Society (CONSOCS)

ConSoC is a platform for collaboration and consultation promoted by the IDB Group and integrated by representatives of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in countries. Each organization is selected based on the role that it plays regarding one or more of the development strategy pillars agreed to by the governments of each country (Country Strategy).

Scholarships- Civil Society and Institutional Capacity

The program is funded by the Vice Presidency for Countries (VPC) with the support of the Department of Knowledge and Learning (KNL), and the Inter-American Institute for Economic and Social Development (INDES), members of the IDB Group. Since its beginning, the program has reached CSO representatives from more than 14 Spanish-speaking countries by providing capacity building fellowships in Project Management for Results (PM4R/Civil Society). At the end of the course, participants who pass all and each test obtain the international certificate in Project Management Associate (PMA). See more information in the following link: Calls Scholarships

For more information please contact theCivil Society Liaison in your country (See the section Our Team).

Calls for scholarships for the 2015 period are now closed. We suggest visiting our website regularly to learn about calls for scholarships opening next year.

Civil Society Program for Innovative Solutions

The program has been created with the sponsorship of the Vice President for Countries (VPC) and supported by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), a member of the IDB Group, and the NEXSO Platform, seeking innovative solutions to development challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Civil Society Program for Innovative Solutions challenge is an online contest designed to identify and connect the Bank and other actors with the work undertaken by civil society.

The challenge for this year is “Civil Society and Legal Identity”, which seeks innovative solutions to contribute to supporting the IDB’s Institutional for Development (IFD) Department in the efforts of governments to reduce the number of people without registration or legal identity in Latin America and the Caribbean. This call is currently under the evaluation process. The winners will be announced on September 16th. Get more information on this website: Civil Society and Legal Identity

Civil Society Building Knowledge

The program is created and sponsored by the Vice Presidency for Countries in an effort to advance development topics in the CSOs’ agendas. The program seeks to include organizations from remotes areas with internet access and consists of a webinars series with the aim of building up knowledge and contributing civil society inputs into the work of the IDB Group.

All CSOs, experts and general public are welcome to participate. Exchanges are technical, seeking to share the latest developments in the topic discussed and encouraging organizations from rural and remotes areas to share their experience and knowledge. However, it is not mandatory to have an academic background to participate.

Next Webinar

Project Management for Results. Date to be confirmed

Past Webinars

Childhood obesity in the Caribbean: What’s the big deal? June 9.

Adaptation to Climate Change April 14.


For the IDB Group, consultations with civil society represent a fundamental step in its performance. Relevant inputs received are analyzed in light of the opportunity to include and improve matters subjected to consultation.This is carried out even if consultations are, in most cases, for guidance only and not binding to the Bank, which reserves the right to include inputs during each of the phases detailed in the consultation plan prepared, whether it is a policy, strategy or project.

The IDB Group regularly conducts public consultations to obtain comments and suggestions from different sectors of civil society about its policies, strategies and projects.

Past consultations

You can access to the past consultations in the following link: Past consultations

Dialogue with the IDB group

The IDB maintains regular face to face meetings with civil society, which are led by the Vice Presidency for Countries to promote progress and exchanges between CSOs and Bank specialists on development issues.

Next forum: The XV IDB Group-Civil Society Meeting will be held in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, on November 4 and 5, 2015. The main topic will be: Social Innovation. The participation of 250 organizations from 26 countries from Latin America and the Caribbean is expected.

The last forum: Last year, the Bank held its meeting with civil society in Managua, Nicaragua and previously in Cali, Colombia. See the list of meetings below.

Bank Annual Meetings Civil Society. Since 2000, the IDB Group has organized annual meetings with civil society from the 26 borrowing IDB Group in Latin America and the Caribbean. These forums are designed to share presence information and technical expertise; create a purposeful and open dialogue; promote partnerships with the IDB Group operations, the private sector, philanthropic and between the same Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

Annual Dialogue between the IDB Group and the Civil Society in the Caribbean. This space provides an opportunity for the IDB Group and Caribbean civil society to exchange technical experiences and perspectives on development challenges and share experiences from other parts of Latin America replicable in the Caribbean to explore collaboration opportunities.

Sessions with civil society in the countries: The IDB Group country offices maintain ongoing dialogue and relations with Civil Society Consultative Groups (ConSOC, for its acronym in Spanish) which hold information sessions, dialogues, cooperation, thematic groups and consultation.


List of Annual IDB – Civil Society Meetings  
XIV Annual IDB-Civil Society Meeting October 22 - 23, 2014 Managua, Nicaragua
XIII Annual IDB-Civil Society Meeting

November 14 - 15,


Cali, Colombia
XII Annual IDB-Civil Society Meeting October 25 - 26, 2012 San Salvador, El Salvador
XI Annual IDB- Civil Society Meeting October 6 - 7, 2011 Asunción, Paraguay
X Annual IDB - Civil Society Meeting November 4-5, 2010 Quito, Ecuador
IX Annual IDB – Civil Society Meeting November 5-6, 2009. Guadalajara, Mexico
VIII Annual IDB – Civil Society Meeting October 16-17, 2008. Montevideo, Uruguay
VII Annual IDB – Civil Society Meeting February 7, 2007. San José, Costa Rica
VI Annual IDB – Civil Society Meeting February 13-15, 2006. Campinas (Sao Paulo), Brazil
V Annual IDB – Civil Society Meeting February 20-21, 2005. Panama City, Panama
IV Annual IDB – Civil Society Meeting February 16-17, 2004. Ocho Rios, Jamaica
III Annual IDB – Civil Society Meeting January 18-19, 2003. Lima, Peru
II Annual IDB – Civil Society Meeting December 7-8, 2001. Maceió, Brazil
I Annual IDB – Civil Society Meeting November 9-10, 2000. Santo Domingo, Antigua and Barbuda



Trinidad and Tobago

On May 27, the IDB Group brought together leaders of civil society organizations in the V Caribbean IDB Annual Meeting with Civil Society. The Business Gurdian published an extensive report on this event. View the publication here.

See the new article issued by the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian about a training program for CSOs. Click here


The Oberserver Jamaica issued an article about IDB training on project cycle management for the Caribbean Civil Society members. You can read this information in the following link: IDB, UWI build project management skills of CSOs 


IDB office in Brazil publishes monthly the newsletter Parceir@s, addressed to the civil society organizations of this country. You can access the lastest edition in this link: Parceir@s


You can access Venezuela’s newsletter with Information for civil Society organizations. BIDVenezuela


The Barbados Advocate released and article about a series of regional training for civil society organizations on Project Cycle Management, funded by the IDB. See the article in this link: Strengthening Civil Society in the Caribbean

Our team

Topics of Civil Society are led by the Vice Presidency for Countries in Washington, D.C.

Civil Society Specialist

Flavia Milano -

Coordination Support Team

Viviane Espinoza, Civil Society Programs Coordinator -

Luis Carlos Pérez Martinez -

Specific Technical support Team for Programs and Publications

Vanessa Sayos Del Castillo (Guatemala) - José Filadelfo Martínez (Honduras) - Andrea Sanhueza (Chile) - Mariana Leytón (Bolivia) - University of West Indies.

In the countries:

Vanina Di Paola
(5411) 4320-1866
Natalie Ariel Bethel
(1-242) 396-7805
Michelle Daniel
Jacqueline Dragone
(501) 221-5324
Maria Delina Otazú
(591) 2217-7730
Clara Chaves
(55-61) 3321-4147
Paola A. Robles Alzamora
(56-2) 2431-3706
Leandro Gastón Andrian
(571) 325-7045
Costa Rica
Francisco José Masís
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Andrea Durango
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El Salvador
Nadia Martinez Huezo
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Hugo Amador Us Alvarez
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Sophie Makonnen
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Michel Serge
(509) 3877-8494
Gladys Morena Gómez
(504) 290-3537
Brodrick Raylando Watson
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Ericka Baranda
(52-55) 9138-6200
Luis Carlos Perez Martinez
(505-2) 2264-9127
Jennifer Linares
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Gloria Teresa Rojas
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República Dominicana
Jennelle Thompson
(809) 784-6407
Natasja Deul
(597) 52-1220
Trinidad y Tobago
Amrita Deonarine
(1-868) 822-6428
Emiliano Sanchez
(598-2) 915-4332
Luis Medel
(58) 212-9552959



The Vice Presidency for Countries (VPC) leads the IDB Group relationship with civil society; in this capacity, it engages other stakeholders seeking to achieve the following goals:

  • Reduce poverty and inequality
  • Promote productivity and innovation
  • Generate greater integration

To fulfill these objectives, the IDB Group promotes the inclusion of civil society through five levels of engagement: partnership, collaboration, consultations, dialogue and information.

"At the IDB Group, we work with governments, the private sector, and civil society in pursuit of more consistent public policies that result in greater impact on communities in order to ensure social and environmental sustainability". Alexandre Meira da Rosa -Vice President for Countries-IDB Group