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Water in Peru’s Desert Capital
Thousands of Lima residents benefit from better access to water under Peru’s Water for All Program.
Young people with big ideas that transform society
Youth social innovation: a tool for development. Read about four young innovators that are positively impacting their communities and IDB
More Than Cash Transfers: Training Jamaica’s Poor for Sustainable Employment
Jamaica tests pioneering initiative to provide on-the-job training for beneficiaries of conditional cash transfer program.
How to improve math learning in public schools
Paraguay improves math learning for preschoolers in IDB-backed education project that draws on lessons from New York.
Finding Ways to Change Eating Habits in Bolivia
Bolivia implements pilot program to reduce malnutrition and obesity in El Alto with support from the IDB.
Finding New Ways to Retain Teachers in Rural Mexico
Mexico tests new ways to reduce attrition rates among community instructors in rural areas.
Pioneering Data Initiative Aims to Measure Public Safety Conditions
New IDB-backed standardized crime data initiative in Latin America and Caribbean, known as RIC, ends discrepancies in violence indicators.
Cost-Effective Investment in Neglected Tropical Diseases in Mexico
Mexico’s Chiapas fights neglected tropical diseases with IDB support.
What to Do about Lower Schooling Levels among Children without a Birth Certificate
Study in the Dominican Republic linking having a birth certificates and access to higher levels of education.
Want to Go Global? Try INTrade
IDB’s trade and integration database INTrade helps navigate complex trade agreements.
The Smart Fight Against Beach Erosion and Natural Disasters in Barbados
Barbados builds coastal infrastructure with IDB support to protect against beach erosion and climate change.
Banking the Unbanked in Colombia
EPM provides accessible personal credit to customers at the base of the pyramid in Colombia.
Better Irrigation and Training to Improve Crop Yields in Artibonite
Rehabilitated irrigation and training to improve crop yields in Artibonite, Haiti’s main agricultural region.
Manaus: From Stilts to Dry Land
Brazil’s Manaus improves sanitation and living conditions for poor families in watersheds.
Learning What Works to Boost Agricultural Productivity in the Dominican Republic
IDB-backed PATCA improved farmers’ productivity in the Dominican Republic.
Panama and the IDB, partners for more than 50 years
Panama and the IDB, partners for more than 50 years improving the quality of life of Panamanians.

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