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Three seminars to unlock development through the private sector.


9:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

New Directions in PPPs: New Actors, New Sectors, and New Sources of Funding
9:30 a.m. - 12:30 a.m.


Public private partnerships are not just for bridges and dams. PPP financing can build and run schools, deliver affordable healthcare and establish the Mundo Maya museum in Mexico. Together, panelists Marcos Siqueira Moraes of Brazil, Fabrice Henry of Astris Finance and Mini Roy of SMBC have structured PPP investments totaling more than $40 billion.


Patricio Abal


Latin Infrastructure Quarterly


Marcos Siqueira Moraes

Executive Manager

Central PPP Unit of the

Brazilian State of Minas Gerais


Fabrice Henry

Managing Director

Astris Finance



Mini Roy


Head of Export & Agency Finance

Global Trade Finance Department

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporations






Evaluating the environment for public-private partnerships in Latin America and the Caribbean:

The 2012 Infrascope


New Frontiers and Sectors for PPPs: The Case of Education




Challenges and Benefits of Increasing Women′s Participation in Business Start-Up and Growth
10:30 am - 11:30am

Many woman entrepreneurs lack formal work experience and suffer education gaps compared with their male counterparts. Their short credit histories may disqualify them from access to finance. Ruta Aidis of George Mason University, Carmen Irene Alas of the Newlink Group for Central America, Patricia Araque of Ellas 2.0 and Laura Raffo of Endeavor Uruguay are leading advocates for women-led business and will share strategies on increasing their access to credit.





Thursday, March 14 from 1:30 to 2 pm



Laura Raffo, Economist and Managing Director, Endeavor, Uruguay


Ruta Aidis

Assistant Director

Center for Entrepreneurship

and Public Policy (CEPP)


Carmen Alas

General Manager

Newlink Group for

Central America


Patricia Araque

Co-Founder and Director

Ellas 2.0.



Laura Raffo

Economist and

Managing Director

Endeavor Uruguay






Empresarias para un crecimiento sostenible: nueva serie de blogs





Unlocking scale: tapping existing platforms for reaching the Base of the Pyramid
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Many businesses recognize that low-income earners at the base of the pyramid constitute a vast untapped market for their products and services, but they don´t know where or how to begin to reach them. But there are proven models for how to do this. Michael Fairbanks, author, investor and advisor to President Kagame of Rwanda, Marco Gorini of Grupo Tenda in Brazil, Aquiles Mercado of Promigas, S.A. in Colombia and Luis Velasco of Mi Tienda of Mexico either invented those models or made them successful.


Aquiles Mercado

Chief Financial Officer

Promigas S.A.


Michael Fairbanks

Senior Advisor to

President Paul Kagame

of Rwanda


Marco Gorini

General Director

Grupo Tenda



Luis Velasco


Economic and
Social Development






Opportunities for the Majority

Serving the Base of the Pyramid in Latin America and the Caribbeanl.






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