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Annual Meeting Newsroom

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Nov 21, 2012 President Moreno and Panama’s Minister of Finance announce IDB Annual Meeting
Mar 22, 2012 De Surinaamsche Bank N.V. joins the IDB trade finance program
Mar 20, 2012 Latin America and the Caribbean request more IDB support to face natural disasters and crises
Mar 20, 2012 IDB announces expansion of Emerging Sustainable Cities Initiative
Mar 20, 2012 Export-Import Bank of Korea joins IDB´s Trade Finance Facilitation Program
Mar 20, 2012 IDB and Nordic Development Fund partner to help Latin American and Caribbean cities to address climate change
Mar 20, 2012 Austria: Lead supporter of the IDB Sustainable Emerging Cities Platform Multidonor trust Fund
Mar 19, 2012 Governments of Uruguay and Korea, IDB, Celeste Foundation to work on prevention of youth violence through sports
Mar 19, 2012 Korea, IDB Establish Public Capacity Building Fund for Economic Development
Mar 19, 2012 IDB, China Eximbank further advance in the creation of equity investment platform for Latin America and the Caribbean
Mar 19, 2012 IDB and Asian Development Bank forge closer relationship
Mar 19, 2012 IDB to promote successful citizen security strategies
Mar 19, 2012 IDB Annual Meeting Agenda Highlights – March 19
Mar 18, 2012 IDB Annual Meeting Agenda Highlights – March 18
Mar 18, 2012 Latin American civil society organizations receive Juscelino Kubitschek award
Mar 18, 2012 Latin America and the Caribbean remain resilient to external shocks, IDB study says
Mar 18, 2012 IDB launches MapAmericas platform to track and visualize results of development projects
Mar 17, 2012 IIC and Laboratorio Uruguay S.A. hold signing ceremony for FINPYME credit loan of up to US$380,000
Mar 17, 2012 IIC and Orofrán S.A. of Uruguay hold signing ceremony for loan of US$6.5 million
Mar 17, 2012 Nordic Development Fund contributes additional €3 million for GREENPYME expansion

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