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Operations Policies of the Inter-American Development Bank

Operations Policies of the IDB are divided into two parts for purposes of dissemination on the Bank's website: general operational policies common to all types of financing activities, and sector policies, which provide guidance in specific fields of activity.

The IDB's procurement policy governs the rules and procedures that apply to the purchase of goods and services for Bank-financed projects. The institution also has a Access to Information Policy that governs access to information on its operational activities.

In addition to these policies, the IDB's lending program is also guided by strategies, broader statements that seek to make operational the mandates given to the institution by its Board of Governors.

A third instrument used in the design and development of projects is “best practices.” Best practice documents take the form of policy notes, technical notes and discussion papers incorporating "lessons learned" from a variety of sources, including projects financed by the IDB.

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