IDB Staff Directory

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Name Department Location
Alba Perilla, Jose Country Department Andean Group Bogotá, Colombia
Albaret, Geraud CSD Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Albertos, Carmen Social Sector Washington D.C., USA
Alcala Juarez, Carolina Infrastructure and Environment Sector México D.F., Mexico
Alcaraz-Irizarry, Claudia Office of the Executive Vice President Washington D.C., USA
Aldana, Maristella Office of Institutional Integrity Washington D.C., USA
Aldaz Guallart, Miguel Office of Outreach and Partnerships Washington D.C., USA
Alderete, Felix CSD Panamá, Panama
Alejandre, Maria Office of Evaluation and Oversight Washington D.C., USA
Alem, Mauro Infrastructure and Environment Sector Washington D.C., USA
Aleman, Marco Office of the Vice Presidency for Countries San Salvador, El Salvador
Aleman, Xiomara Social Sector Caracas, Venezuela
Alemann, Clara Social Sector Washington D.C., USA
Alexandre, Patrick CDH Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Alexis, Catherine CDH Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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