IDB Staff Directory

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Name Department Location
Boyce, Natasha Country Department Caribbean Group Christ Church, Barbados
Boyle, Marlenet Office of Strategic Planning and Development Effectiveness Washington D.C., USA
Brackmann, Stefanie Office of the Vice President for Sectors and Knowledge Washington D.C., USA
Bragagnolo, Federico Executive Directors Washington D.C., USA
Brain, Cristina Information Technology Department Washington D.C., USA
Brain, Gisella Social Sector Washington D.C., USA
Brakarz, Barbara CSD Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Braly-Cartillier, Isabelle Institutional Capacity and Finance Sector Washington D.C., USA
Brandt, Ana Country Department Andean Group Caracas, Venezuela
Brasa, Liana Legal Department Washington D.C., USA
Brassfield Trujillo, Carlos Infrastructure and Environment Sector Panamá, Panama
Brathwaite, Neeca Country Department Caribbean Group Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Brathwaite, Rhea SRE Washington D.C., USA
Bravo Celi, Juan Information Technology Department Washington D.C., USA
Bravo-Valdes Gaona, Enrique Office of the Secretary Washington D.C., USA

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