IDB Staff Directory

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Name Department Location
Abe, Masaru Office of Outreach and Partnerships Washington D.C., USA
Abellard, Rommel Infrastructure and Environment Sector Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Abello, Marta Isabel Human Resources Department Washington D.C., USA
Abensur Montalvo, David Armando Finance Department Washington D.C., USA
Abizanda Miro, Beatriz Institutional Capacity and Finance Sector San José, Costa Rica
Aboussouan, Jean-Marc Daniel Structured and Corporate Financing Department Washington D.C., USA
Abrahams, Scott David Research Department Washington D.C., USA
Abreu, Maria Lucia GEN Montevideo, Uruguay
Abreu Moreno, Roman Alexander Budget and Administrative Services Department Washington D.C., USA
Abuelafia, Emmanuel Country Department Central America, Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic Washington D.C., USA
Acevedo Alameda, Paloma Office of Strategic Planning and Development Effectiveness Washington D.C., USA
Acevedo Mairena, Geiner Infrastructure and Environment Sector San José, Costa Rica
Acevedo-Daunas, Rafael M. Infrastructure and Environment Sector Asunción, Paraguay
Ackermann, Andres A. Structured and Corporate Financing Department Washington D.C., USA
Aclan, Carolina Knowledge and Learning Sector Washington D.C., USA