IDB Staff Directory

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Name Department Location
Aamot, Aida Institutional Capacity and Finance Sector Washington D.C., USA
Abad Oholeguy, Julieta Infrastructure and Environment Sector Buenos Aires, Argentina
Abadal Colomina, Jordi Infrastructure and Environment Sector Paramaribo, Suriname
Abello, Marta SRE Washington D.C., USA
Abensur Montalvo, David Finance Department Washington D.C., USA
Abizanda Miro, Beatriz Institutional Capacity and Finance Sector San José, Costa Rica
Abreu, Maria Lucia GCL Montevideo, Uruguay
Abreu Moreno, Roman CSD Washington D.C., USA
Abuelafia, Emmanuel Country Department Central America, Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic Washington D.C., USA
Acevedo, Sebastian Institutional Capacity and Finance Sector Washington D.C., USA
Acevedo Alameda, Paloma Office of Strategic Planning and Development Effectiveness Washington D.C., USA
Acevedo Villalobos, Maria DSP Washington D.C., USA
Acevedo-Daunas, Rafael Infrastructure and Environment Sector Asunción, Paraguay
Ackermann, Andres INO Washington D.C., USA
Aclan, Carolina Knowledge and Learning Sector Washington D.C., USA

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