Technical Cooperation Financing

The Bank provides technical assistance to its developing member countries. It also has regional and sub-regional technical cooperation programs, which are available when two or more countries stand to benefit from the assistance.

The following institutions of the borrowing member countries of the Bank are eligible to receive technical assistance:

  • National governments and their political sub-divisions.
  • The rest of the public sector, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), civil society organizations and private entities with the legal authority to borrow funds and receive technical assistance.
  • Regional and sub-regional organizations composed of member countries that are beneficiaries of Bank operations.

Technical assistance may be provided to different national economic sectors, with particular focus on areas such as human resources and the environment.

The Bank also offers three primarily types of contingent recovery TC's: the Bank's climate change initiative SECCI , the infrastructure fund, INFRA-Fund and the IDB's water and sanitation initiative, AquaFund.

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