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Marlene Olivia L. Beco

Belgium, China, Germany, Israel, Italy, Netherlands and Switzerland

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Marlene Beco is Alternate Executive Director for Belgium, China, Germany, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland at the Inter-American Development Bank.  After a short experience at the European Commission, in 2008, Ms. Beco joined the private Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, where she acted as the diplomatic advisor to the Minister. She was in charge of the European Economic and Financial Affairs Council meetings, of issues related to the International Monetary Fund and development banks, as well as the committee in charge of financial support to Belgian exports. In 2011, she moved to the private office of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, with responsibility for economic and financial issues (free trade agreements negotiations and economic diplomacy) as well as development cooperation.  For two years, she was a member of the Board of Directors of the Belgian public credit insurer Delcrede/Ducroire.

Ms. Beco received her Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Brussels in 2006, her postgraduate Diploma in International Relations from the University of Liege in 2007, and her MBA from the HEC University of Liege in 2013.


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