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Armando José León Rojas

Panama and Venezuela

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Armando León Rojas serves as Executive Director for Panama and Venezuela at the Inter-American Development Bank. Formerly, he was an associate professor at the Universidad Metropolitana (Unimet); a professor of finance and capital markets at the Universidad de los Andes, and a professor of macroeconomics and business environment at the Instituto Venezolano de Planificación (Iveplan). His publications include: Crisis Financiera e Inestabilidad Global, FG 2013; La Banca Central y el Crecimiento Económico. BCV 2007; La Deuda Pública Inútil: El caso Venezuela, Academia Nacional de Ciencias Económicas (ANCE), 2003; La Aventura de Pensar en Venezuela, Banco Central de Venezuela, 2002; and Globalización: El fin de las Monedas Nacionales, ANCE, 2001. He served as the Executive Director of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) from 1997 to 2013 and has held the posts of Director of the Latin American Reserve Fund (FLAR); Governor at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and BCV representative at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, as well as serving on the Board of Governors of the Center for Latin American Monetary Studies (CEMLA). León has been Venezuela’s Deputy Minister of Planning; Director of the Gran Mariscal Ayacucho Foundation (Fundayacucho); Technical Secretary of the Ministry of Economy; Director General of Economic Policy at Cordiplan; and ANCE researcher, among other positions. He holds a degree in economics from the Universidad de los Andes Venezuela, as well as a graduate degree in finance and public policy.


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