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Fernando Ernesto de León de Alba

Panama and Venezuela

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Fernando E. de León de Alba is Alternate Executive Director for Panama and Venezuela at the Inter-American Development Bank.  He has 28 years of professional experience in product promotion and sales in economic sectors including the automotive and metallurgical industries, as well as in power generation, water, gas, and fuel in the energy sector.  He has always worked in the private sector, holding management positions in sales, marketing, purchasing, and operations. Mr. de León’s responsibilities at the companies where he has worked have included managing and leading teams and collaborators, planning strategies, motivating others, defining responsibilities, exploring market opportunities, forecasting new products, and implementing operational efficiencies. He served as Deputy Minister of the Panamanian Tourism Authority from July 2009 to August 2011.

Mr. de León is an administrative industrial engineer with a degree from the Universidad Católica Santa María la Antigua.

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