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The Latin American and Caribbean Research Network

Created in 1991, this network of nearly 350 research institutes and 500 experts in economic and social development, has proven to be an effective vehicle for financing quality research to enrich the public policy debate in Latin America and the Caribbean. The objectives of the Network are to leverage the Research Department´s research capabilities, to improve the quality of research performed in the region, and to contribute to the development policy agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Through a competitive bidding process, it provides grant funding to leading Latin American research centers to conduct studies on the economic and social issues of greatest concern to the region today.



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Network of Central Banks and Finance Ministries

The Network of Central Banks and Finance Ministries is a discussion group whose permanent members include the Chief Economists of the Central Banks and Finance Ministries of Latin America and the Caribbean. The purpose of the group is to promote a high-level policy discussion on macroeconomic and financial issues as well as foster collegial bonds among policymakers from Central Banks and Finance Ministries. The IDB Research Department is the technical secretariat for this Network, founded in 1995.


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Latin-American Financial Network

The Latin-American Financial Network is a high-level policy group consisting of academics and policymakers from the North and the South that discusses current financial issues and meets once a year in a two-day brainstorming session. The goal is to create a policy dialogue based on research findings to better understand the problems, opportunities and challenges faced by Latin American countries in the process of developing their financial sector, and to coordinate a common agenda.


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Development Challenges

Sound economic analysis and a clear view of the main economic challenges facing Latin America and the Caribbean go hand in hand with effective development strategies and policies. This seminar series was created with this premise in mind and aims at enhancing the technical and analytical competencies of the IDB´s economists and researchers, and professionals from the development and academic communities.


EconNet is the technical seminar series of the IDB´s Research Department. The series consist of brown-bag seminars at which an invited researcher presents his or her latest research findings on development issues relevant to Latin America and the Caribbean.

DC Political Economy Seminar

The DC Political Economy Seminar is a monthly forum on comparative politics and political economy research sponsored by IDB´s Research Department . In this forum, faculty and researchers in the greater Washington DC area are invited to present their on-going projects. Its objective is to provide an opportunity for a fruitful exchange of ideas and feedback, as well as to build a network of researchers in political economy that can help foster future collaboration not only with the Research Department, but also with other areas of the Bank.

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