The Infrastructure and Environment Sector (INE) conceptualizes, prepares, supports the execution and supervises the IDB’s operations related to energy, transport, water and sanitation and rural development and natural disasters. Its functions include preparing the Bank sector policies, strategies, operational guidelines and programs in infrastructure and environment; conducting relevant research and analytical work, best practices and case studies on this area; and providing specialized technical support in borrowing member countries.

The sector works with the country departments to design and execute country and regional financial and non-financial programs and projects and evaluates the development results of such interventions. It also performs quality enhancement functions for social development projects and programs, to include guiding, designing and preparing Bank products’ execution, and analysis and mitigation of risks. INE is divided in the Energy Division, the Transport Division, Climate Change and Sustainability Division, the Water and Sanitation Division and Environment, Rural Development and Disaster Risk Management Division.

INE also leads IDB’s initiatives in the areas of infrastructure and environment, such as biofuels and public-private partnerships, including the Bank’s Sustainable Energy Initiative.


Energy Division

Transport Division

Climate Change and Sustainability Division

Water and Sanitation Division

Environment, Rural Development and Disaster Risk Management Division


Name Office in
Abellard, Rommel Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Acevedo-Daunas, Rafael M. Asunción, Paraguay
Acuna Sossa, Kathia San José, Costa Rica
Aguiar Parera, Catalina Washington D.C., USA
Aime, Milagros Cecilia Buenos Aires, Argentina
Alarcon, Arturo Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Alatorre Frenk, Claudio Washington D.C., USA
Albornoz Perez, Manuel Antonio México D.F., Mexico
Alcala Juarez, Carolina México D.F., Mexico
Alegria Olivos, Ana Ximena Buenos Aires, Argentina
Alem, Mauro Washington D.C., USA
Alfaro Montoya, Cronwell Romulo Lima, Peru
Alfaro R., Keisgner Washington D.C., USA
Alleng, Gerard P. Washington D.C., USA
Altafin, Irene Guimarães Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Alva Hart, Viviana del Carmen Buenos Aires, Argentina
Alva Hernandez, Maria Fernanda Washington D.C., USA
Alvarez, Maria Cecilia Washington D.C., USA
Alves, Dalve Alexandre Soria Washington D.C., USA
Amin, Amal-Lee Washington D.C., USA