The Executive Vice President (EVP), as the chief operating officer of the institution and under the direction of the Board of Executive Directors and the IDB president, is responsible for the daily operation of the Bank.

The EVP advises the president on key corporate planning issues and on the selection of the vice presidents and senior staff and is responsible for the implementation of any business and strategic plans.

Her office oversees the quality control and risk management of all Bank operations and serves as chair of all of management committees responsible for the Bank’s operational activities. It also conducts performance evaluations of the vice presidents and provides them to the president for review.

Julie T. Katzman

Executive Vice President


Name Office in
Seligmann-Silva, Jose Jorge (CHIEF ADVISOR) Washington D.C., USA
Alcaraz-Irizarry, Claudia Washington D.C., USA
Anta, Rafael Washington D.C., USA
Bedoya-Turner, Elizabeth Washington D.C., USA
Fenoglio Cornet, Macarena del Carmen Washington D.C., USA
Katzman, Julie T. Washington D.C., USA
Lima, Rafael Cavazzoni Washington D.C., USA
Trigo Alegre, Maria Raquel Washington D.C., USA
Vargas, Jaime Enrique Washington D.C., USA
Zabala, Cecilia Washington D.C., USA

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