The Country Department Southern Cone (CSS) is responsible for the promotion and development of Bank country strategies and programming in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The department supports the process, negotiation, and administration of regional and country-specific projects and programs; leading and maintaining the relations of the IDB with member countries; supporting the implementation of country-specific operations; promoting and coordinating the use of the funds administered by the Bank or under parallel financing agreements, and monitoring the operation-related procurement activities of Bank borrowers and beneficiaries.

The management team is composed of the manager, the regional economic advisor and the country representatives. CSC is divided in five country offices in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

José Luis Lupo Flores

Manager, Southern Cone Country Department


Name Office in
Ares, Maria Cecilia Buenos Aires, Argentina
Arias, Maria Luisa Buenos Aires, Argentina
Arraiza, Eduardo Daniel Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ballerga, Maria Soledad Buenos Aires, Argentina
Barbagelata, Victoria Ines Buenos Aires, Argentina
Barbalaco, Maria Agustina Buenos Aires, Argentina
Benasso, Natalia Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cardacci, Florencia Buenos Aires, Argentina
Coraggio, Maria Gabriela Buenos Aires, Argentina
Crivaro, Damian Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dadomo, Laura Buenos Aires, Argentina
De la Serna, Maria Sofia Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dell Acqua, Carolina Buenos Aires, Argentina
Di Paola, Vanina Andrea Buenos Aires, Argentina
Diaz Zettelmann, Valeria Buenos Aires, Argentina
Garcia Bailon, Sofia Alejandra Buenos Aires, Argentina
Herrera, Diego Reynaldo Buenos Aires, Argentina
Maciel, Charles Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mazurkievicz, Veronica Julieta Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mesa Maulella, Romina Soledad Buenos Aires, Argentina
Miranda, Azul Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mompo, Silvina Buenos Aires, Argentina
Moreno, Maria Veronica Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mosteirin, Milagros Buenos Aires, Argentina
Olmedo Bernis, Marcos Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ordeix, Maria Cecilia Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pascual, Javier Eduardo Buenos Aires, Argentina
Perez Heredia, Sofia Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rainieri, Karina Lorena Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rios, Sergio A. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rodriguez, Gustavo Andres Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sanchez, Gabriel Alejandro Buenos Aires, Argentina
Szarfer, Gabriela Buenos Aires, Argentina
Takahashi Obara, Denise Yoshie Buenos Aires, Argentina
Torres, Dardo Buenos Aires, Argentina


Name Office in
Agostinho, Rafael Neves de Menezes Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Aguiar, Danielle Dos Santos Ximenes Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Alves Mendes, Adriano Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Aguiar, Fernando Amaral de Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Barroso, Suelem dos Santos Pereira Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Batista, Isaac Aleixo Rodrigues Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Bazilio, Wesney Nogueira Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Bennet, Renata Souza Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Berga, Pedro Correia de Souza Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Braga, Robson Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Campos, Larissa Marques Martins Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Campos, Walquiria Liz Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Cardoso, Geison Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Carvalho, Lucimar de Jesus Cruz Brasilia D.F., Brazil
De Oliveira Fonseca, Flora Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Costa, Creuzamar Matos Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Da Cruz, Adriana Almeida Brasilia D.F., Brazil
De Araujo Almeida, Anna Beatriz Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Dionisio Vivaldi, Caroline Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Ferreira, Paulo Alberto Martins Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Florez Timoran, Hugo Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Gomes, Higor Seiberlich Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Gomes de Araujo Pereira, Patricia Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Guimaraes Gibaile,Bernardo Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Klein, Louvane Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Lauar Moura, Vanessa Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Lima, Liliane Da Silva Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Maekawa, Yuka Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Maia, Emilene Dos Santos Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Marinho dos Pássaros, Eliana Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Mendes Dias, Joao Paulo Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Moretto, Renata Lourenco Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Pacheco Machado Dias, Fernando Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Pereira, Tiago Pena Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Perez, Marcisgley Vieira Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Prieto, Felix R. Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Ribeiro, Jaqueline Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Ribeiro, Michely Soares Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Rosa Montenegro, Mariana Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Rossi Junior, Jose Luiz Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Schukkel, Fernanda do Vale Caribe Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Silva Luz, Leana Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Silva de Campos, Claudia Patricia Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Sipp, Caroline Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Siqueira, Andreza Luiza Leodido de Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Sobral Coelho, Adriana Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Sousa, Katia de Oliveira Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Squeff Valentino, Fernando Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Teixeira, Eder Alisson Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Teixeira de Almeida, Marcos Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Tourreilles, Federica Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Veiga da Silva, Claudia Brasilia D.F., Brazil
Vieira, Haroldo dos Santos Brasilia D.F., Brazil
da Silva, Eunicelia Souza Brasilia D.F., Brazil
de Oliveira Santos, Lorayne Brasilia D.F., Brazil
de Sousa, Fernanda Oliveira Brasilia D.F., Brazil
do Nascimento, Daniela Rocha Brasilia D.F., Brazil
do Nascimento Junior, Plinio Teixeira Brasilia D.F., Brazil


Name Office in
Beyle Sandoval, Daniela Santiago, Chile
Brito, Fernando Jose Santiago, Chile
Canales Araneda, Rogelio Andres Santiago, Chile
Cortes, Patricio C. Santiago, Chile
Guevara Reyes, Sabina Margarita Angelica Santiago, Chile
Jara Lopez, Maria Alejandra Santiago, Chile
Marambio Cathalifaud, Sebastian Santiago, Chile
Miller Astete, Sebastian Jose Santiago, Chile
Montenegro, Fernando M. Santiago, Chile
Oyarce Sepulveda, Jose Alejandro Santiago, Chile
Palomer Sanchez, Maria Isabel Santiago, Chile
Robert, Carolyn Santiago, Chile
Robles Alzamora, Paola A. Santiago, Chile
Rojas Zuniga, Jenny Santiago, Chile
Urzua Urrea, Gerardo Santiago, Chile
Vilches Herrera,David Ignacio Santiago, Chile


Name Office in
Almeida, Eduardo Marques Asunción, Paraguay
Alonso Arguello, Norma Maria Asunción, Paraguay
Aquino Aguirre, Ruth Natalia Asunción, Paraguay
Ayala Ibarra, Liz Paola Asunción, Paraguay
Bogado Garcia, Eduardo Javier Asunción, Paraguay
Bogado Rivas, Zulma Eloisa Asunción, Paraguay
Caceres Gonzalez, Martha Elizabeth Asunción, Paraguay
Corvalan, Marta M. de Asunción, Paraguay
Da Silva Ledesma, Julieta Asunción, Paraguay
Enriquez, Katherine Beatriz Asunción, Paraguay
Espinola Lopez, Natalia Asunción, Paraguay
Esteche, John Asunción, Paraguay
Feliciangeli, Eduardo Asunción, Paraguay
Genes Machuca, Beatriz Stefania Asunción, Paraguay
Linares, Eddy Adolfo Asunción, Paraguay
Lopez, Mirtha Elizabeth De Asunción, Paraguay
Martinez, Virgilio Javier Asunción, Paraguay
Mateos Piccardo, Adriana Elena Asunción, Paraguay
Medin, Virginia De Asunción, Paraguay
Quijada Briceno, Jose Alejandro Asunción, Paraguay
Recalde Ovelar, Diego Fernando Asunción, Paraguay
Rivas Medina, Ana Alessandra Asunción, Paraguay
Rojas, Gloria Teresa Asunción, Paraguay
Romero Samudio, Cesar Andres Asunción, Paraguay
Vera de Camperchioli, Carolina Asunción, Paraguay
Verdun Lopez, Ruth Caterin Asunción, Paraguay
Zalimben del Canto, Simon Sebastian Asunción, Paraguay


Name Office in
Lupo, Jose Luis (General Manager) Buenos Aires, Argentina
Aulestia, Veronica Washington D.C., USA
Feal Zubimendi, Maria Soledad Washington D.C., USA
Fort de Leon, Beatriz M. Washington D.C., USA
Fretes Arguello, Santiago German Washington D.C., USA
Helena Ulloa, Reyna Altagracia Washington D.C., USA
Hernaiz, Daniel Washington D.C., USA
Lally, Norma Alicia Washington D.C., USA
Massia, Santiago Agustin Buenos Aires, Argentina
Molina, Pablo Washington D.C., USA
Quiroga, Ricardo E. Washington D.C., USA
Rodrigues Bastos, Fabiano Washington D.C., USA
Rosas Garcia, Jose Nicolas Washington D.C., USA
Sanchez, Juan Carlos Washington D.C., USA
Santelmo Bravo, Clarissa Helena Washington D.C., USA


Name Office in
Bachino, Federico Montevideo, Uruguay
Castelnovo Stoppa, Ana Cecilia Montevideo, Uruguay
Coitino, Charly Montevideo, Uruguay
D Angelo, Carolina Montevideo, Uruguay
Devita Inda, Hernan Montevideo, Uruguay
Di Fabio Fascioli, Claudia Montevideo, Uruguay
Doyle, Morgan Montevideo, Uruguay
Ferres Rubio, Maria Milagros Montevideo, Uruguay
Garcilaso Garcia, Noelia Montevideo, Uruguay
Lakatos, Marion Victoria Montevideo, Uruguay
Machioli, Pablo Montevideo, Uruguay
Magrassi, Maria Jimena Montevideo, Uruguay
Martinez Labrea, Maria Milena Montevideo, Uruguay
Moleri, Fernando Montevideo, Uruguay
Moreira Mateu, Maria Virginia Montevideo, Uruguay
Morello, Hebert Alvaro Montevideo, Uruguay
Otero Squera, Maria Laura Montevideo, Uruguay
Pietrafesa Sergio, Florencia Montevideo, Uruguay
Queijo Von Heideken, Virginia Lorena Montevideo, Uruguay
Rodriguez Cabrera, Luis Gaston Montevideo, Uruguay
Salvagno, Sofia Montevideo, Uruguay
Sanchez Piedra Buena, Emiliano Montevideo, Uruguay
Seijo Amespil, Juan Martin Montevideo, Uruguay
Soto, Fernanda Montevideo, Uruguay
Taborga, Miguel Montevideo, Uruguay
Torres, Adriana Ines Montevideo, Uruguay
Ungo German, Michel Montevideo, Uruguay

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