The Country Department Central America (CID), Haiti, Mexico, Panama and Dominican Republic is responsible for the promotion and development of Bank country strategies and programming in Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

The department supports the process, negotiation, and administration of regional and country-specific projects and programs; leading and maintaining the relations of the IDB with member countries; supporting the implementation of country-specific operations; promoting and coordinating the use of the funds administered by the Bank or under parallel financing agreements, and monitoring the operation-related procurement activities of Bank borrowers and beneficiaries.

The management team is composed of the manager, the regional economic advisor and the country representatives. CID is divided in ten country offices in Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

Gina Montiel

Manager, Central America, Haiti, Mexico, Panama, and the Dominican Republic and Country Representative in Panama


Name Office in
Ayala, Elizabeth Belize City, Belize
Bryant, Alexis Belize City, Belize
Chow, Jane Amy Belize City, Belize
Coleman, Linsford Anthony Belize City, Belize
Noble Carnegie, Alyssa Renee Belize City, Belize
Gonzalez-Paz, Benilda Belize City, Belize
Robateau, Peggyann Belize City, Belize
Rogers, Cassandra T Belize City, Belize
Romero, Juan Carlos Belize City, Belize
Ruiz, Jose Manuel Belize City, Belize
Salazar, Astrid Danielle Belize City, Belize
Vasquez, Gian Belize City, Belize
Westby, Leticia Angelica Belize City, Belize


Name Office in
Barboza Vargas, Andres San José, Costa Rica
Barrantes Gonzalez, Ana Patricia San José, Costa Rica
Borbon Munoz, Alvaro San José, Costa Rica
Diaz Lazaro, Juan Eduardo San José, Costa Rica
Espinoza Gustavino, Eliecer San José, Costa Rica
Fallas Fallas, Emilia Ma. San José, Costa Rica
GUERRERO, CARLOS San José, Costa Rica
Gomez Solano, Maribel San José, Costa Rica
Gonzalez Arias, Cristina San José, Costa Rica
Gutierrez Juarez, Priscilla Grissel San José, Costa Rica
Jaramillo, Fidel San José, Costa Rica
Jarquin Rodriguez, Aura San José, Costa Rica
Luna Davis, Geovanny San José, Costa Rica
Mora Vargas, Greivin Gerardo San José, Costa Rica
Morales Jimenez, Franklin Gerardo San José, Costa Rica
Reyes Gomez, Yusseth San José, Costa Rica
Roldan Barrios, Patricia San José, Costa Rica
Ruiz Mora, David Jose San José, Costa Rica
Salazar Rojas, Fiorella Maria San José, Costa Rica
Suero, Kelvin Menoscar San José, Costa Rica
Torrentes Garcia, Ana Laura San José, Costa Rica
Urena Solis, Laura San José, Costa Rica
Vega Mora, Marcia Francela San José, Costa Rica


Name Office in
Bijou, Victor Alain Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Laine, Cassandy Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Name Office in
Bermudez Merizalde, Laura Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Castillo Arias, Awilda Margarita Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Cruz Duran, Helen Paulette Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Encarnacion Encarnacion, Yonaida M. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Fabian Oviedo, Miguel A. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Garcia Rodriguez, Yocauris Del Carmen Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Gobitz, Humberto A. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Lorenzo Maldonado, Juan Francisco Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Molina Munoz, Omar Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Nolasco, Elizabeth Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Nunez Frometa, Lia Patricia Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Nunez Musa, Vivian Margarita Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Painter, Flora Montealegre Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Pimentel Arbaje, Vielka Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Reinoso Nunez, Patricia Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Vargas Bautista, Fanny Carolina Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Name Office in
Cabrera, Ana Elsy San Salvador, El Salvador
Cartagena Vaquero, Jose Mario San Salvador, El Salvador
Castillo, Gabriel A. San Salvador, El Salvador
Castro Portillo, Eleno Hernan San Salvador, El Salvador
Chavez Mata, Ester Iliana San Salvador, El Salvador
Fuentes, Carmen Elena De San Salvador, El Salvador
Giron, Claudia Lorena San Salvador, El Salvador
Grande, Ana Cecilia Melgar de San Salvador, El Salvador
Guzman de Vega, Elsye Mariela San Salvador, El Salvador
Hernandez, Julio Eduardo San Salvador, El Salvador
Herrera Martinez, Rodolfo Eduardo San Salvador, El Salvador
Martinez de Barrientos, Nadia San Salvador, El Salvador
Melara de Perez, Nuria Grisel San Salvador, El Salvador
Molina de Dardon, Gabriela Maria San Salvador, El Salvador
Moreno, Carmina San Salvador, El Salvador
Munguia Aldana, Karen Elay San Salvador, El Salvador
Ortiz Ramirez, Tania Ruth San Salvador, El Salvador
Perez, Ismael San Salvador, El Salvador
Perez de Fuentes, Eva Patricia San Salvador, El Salvador
Romero, Susan San Salvador, El Salvador
Yamagiwa Orellana, Takayoshi Jose San Salvador, El Salvador


Name Office in
Aguilar Montes, Alejandra Gabriela Guatemala, Guatemala
Aguirre Franco, Claudia Guatemala, Guatemala
Arreaga, Adela Guatemala, Guatemala
Blanco, Ana Lucia Guatemala, Guatemala
Bonilla Barrios, Ana L Guatemala, Guatemala
Brol de Nolte, Claudia Veronica Guatemala, Guatemala
Coj Sam, Jorge Luis Guatemala, Guatemala
De Leon, Jorge Antonio Guatemala, Guatemala
Espinoza Mazariegos, Elizabeth Suleyka Guatemala, Guatemala
Galicia, Angel Manfredo Guatemala, Guatemala
Gamboa Ajxup, Mauro Roberto Guatemala, Guatemala
Garcia Ordonez de Lima, Jesus Consuelo Guatemala, Guatemala
Jimenez, Walter Guatemala, Guatemala
Larrazabal, Luis Bernal Guatemala, Guatemala
Lima Ortiz, Erick Margarito Guatemala, Guatemala
Melo, Carlos N. Guatemala, Guatemala
Morales Moscoso, Carlos Raul Guatemala, Guatemala
Paiz Rosado, Maria Isabel Guatemala, Guatemala
Quenun Queche, Raul Guatemala, Guatemala
Romero Rivas, Manuel Roberto Guatemala, Guatemala
Salguero, Hulda Massiel Guatemala, Guatemala
Sandoval, Ingrid Guatemala, Guatemala
Sandoval, Maria Isabel Guatemala, Guatemala
Vielman Serrano, Oscar Geovanny Guatemala, Guatemala
Villatoro, Jose Toribio Guatemala, Guatemala
Wirtz, Nora R. Molina De Guatemala, Guatemala


Name Office in
Adam, Arabela Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Alexandre, Patrick Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Alexis, Catherine Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Andre, Pierre FranCois Dieudonne Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Antoine, Gerald Calixte Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Augusma, Cassandra Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Bazelais, Jn-Baptiste Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Boursiquot, Jhoane Rody Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Cherubin, Marie Judie Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Claude, Jonathan Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Damais, Gilles Georges Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Denis, Guirlaine Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Despero, Vilnaud Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Dugas, Fabrice Ghisler Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Dumay, Benito Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Durandisse, Jacques Kelly Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Echebarria, Luis Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Fleurantin Theluscat, Stephania Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Gallant, Fabiola Lunie Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Guerrier, Jean Junior Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Jean Marie, Pierre Clavens Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Joseph, Cedrick Guy Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Lafontant, Eugenie Regine Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Lauture, Andree Ermithes Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Loriston, Berlitz Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Marc, Makenson Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Olivier, Louis-Joseph Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Paul,Marlie Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Payen, Patricia Yamilee Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Phycien, Edy Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Pierre, Bertholet Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Pierre, Ghislaine Joseph Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Pierre, Kantave Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Pierre-Antoine, Sahita Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Revilien, Dula Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Suire, Said Abdel Khadek Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Surin, Reginald Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Theodore Roussel, Marie Norma Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Vengine, Harold Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Villarson, Sandra Elizabeth Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Name Office in
Aguiluz Boquin, Alejandro Enrique Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Andino Pineda, Claudia Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Andrade Sevilla, Doris Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Avila, Doris Leonor Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Galeano Escobar, Teresa Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Giron Rivas, Elvis Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Guzman, Amalia del Carmen Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Lievano de Marques, Mirna Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Martinez Castillo, Aleida Maria Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Medina, Marcela Suyapa Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Medina Garcia, Wendy Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Membreno Aguilar, Carlos Alberto Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Millan, Rafael Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Montoya Ramirez, German Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Moran Matute, Carlos Gilberto Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Paz Doblado, Ana Gabriela Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Romero Reyes, Bessy Lorena Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Salinas Rodriguez, Jose Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Suazo Padilla, Karen Mariela Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Trejo Reyes, Bianca Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Zelaya Hernandez, Liliana Tegucigalpa, Honduras


Name Office in
Montiel, Gina (General Manager) Panamá, Panama
Abuelafia, Emmanuel Washington D.C., USA
Algara IM, Paschale Washington D.C., USA
Alonso, Laura Virginia Washington D.C., USA
Cabezas Valencia, Rhina Marlene Washington D.C., USA
Cabrera, Maria Elena Washington D.C., USA
Cabrera Herrera, Carolyn Marlene Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Carrera Marquis, Daniela Washington D.C., USA
Carrion Menendez, Alejandro Washington D.C., USA
Cerdeira, Reinaldo K. Washington D.C., USA
Fernandez, Patricia Giovanna Washington D.C., USA
Filippo, Agustin Ignacio Washington D.C., USA
Gilles, Aurelie Flavy Washington D.C., USA
Hernandez-Rojas, Ayatima Washington D.C., USA
Herrera Leon, Diana Washington D.C., USA
Infante Barbosa, Irasema Washington D.C., USA
Jessen, Anneke Washington D.C., USA
Lagarda Cuevas, Guillermo Washington D.C., USA
Lopez Prada, Jorge Mauricio Washington D.C., USA
Manzano, Osmel Enrique Washington D.C., USA
Metellus, Alfred Fils Washington D.C., USA
Nicolacci, Ornella Washington D.C., USA
Ortega, Juan Ricardo Washington D.C., USA
Pereira, Pablo Andres Washington D.C., USA
Prat Cordero, Jordi Washington D.C., USA
Quintero, Neile J. Washington D.C., USA
Solera Rodriguez, Marco Livio Washington D.C., USA
Solorzano Salazar, Lorena Washington D.C., USA
Vallarino, Juan Carlos Washington D.C., USA


Name Office in
Aceves Gamez, Pedro México D.F., Mexico
Bernal Manjarrez, Nely México D.F., Mexico
Ceron, Nelly México D.F., Mexico
Coronado, Miguel México D.F., Mexico
Cruz Colin, Vania Ixchelt México D.F., Mexico
Escobell Delfin, Virginia Del Carmen México D.F., Mexico
Espindola, Rafael México D.F., Mexico
Garcia Carrillo, Jacqueline México D.F., Mexico
Grayeb Bayata, Claudia México D.F., Mexico
Kassem Baker, Jillaine México D.F., Mexico
Lopez Marmolejo, Arnoldo México D.F., Mexico
Maldonado, Ibeth México D.F., Mexico
Martinez Cervantes, Emilio México D.F., Mexico
Medina Rebollo, Luis Daniel México D.F., Mexico
Miranda Monroy, Edna México D.F., Mexico
Ochoa Arrivillaga, Elizabeth México D.F., Mexico
Ortiz Terrazas, Miguel Angel México D.F., Mexico
Quijano Ruiz, Francisco Allan México D.F., Mexico
Rodriguez Gonzalez, Ericka México D.F., Mexico
Torres Gonzalez, Laura G México D.F., Mexico
Virviescas Mendoza, Tatiana A México D.F., Mexico
Zavala Lombardi, Veronica E. México D.F., Mexico


Name Office in
Bendana, Claudia Maria Managua, Nicaragua
Bone Delgadillo, Claudia Xaviera Managua, Nicaragua
Castellon, Indiana de la Concepcion Managua, Nicaragua
Castillo Martinez, Miriam Isabel Managua, Nicaragua
Castillo Sequeira, Sobeyda Del Carmen Managua, Nicaragua
Chavarria Mendoza, Jasmina del Socorro Managua, Nicaragua
Duquesne, Baudouin Managua, Nicaragua
Herrera Rios, Nubia Managua, Nicaragua
Hirata, Nana Managua, Nicaragua
Jaenz Acevedo, Jose Manuel Managua, Nicaragua
Kolodin, Susan K. Managua, Nicaragua
Lindo Vargas, Roosevelt Managua, Nicaragua
Lopez Aragon, Carmen Carolina Managua, Nicaragua
Brenda del Socorro Managua, Nicaragua
Miranda Baez, Luis Enrique Managua, Nicaragua
Orozco Castellon, Sandra Lorena Managua, Nicaragua
Paiz Calero, Octavio Martin Managua, Nicaragua
Parajon Padilla, Bismark Silvano Managua, Nicaragua
Pasos Contreras, Reyna Elisa Managua, Nicaragua
Ramirez Mejia, Maria Elena Managua, Nicaragua
Rimawi Bolt, Samar Managua, Nicaragua
Saldana Sanchez, Jose Concepcion Managua, Nicaragua
Selva Delgado, Alma Reyna Managua, Nicaragua
Solis Garcia, Marvin Antonio Managua, Nicaragua
Solorzano Lopez, Jose David Managua, Nicaragua
Talavera, Mayra Managua, Nicaragua


Name Office in
Artigas Avila, Daniela Andreina Panamá, Panama
Bonome Chan, Denise Del Carmen Panamá, Panama
Cabeza, Jennis Panamá, Panama
Calle Castillo, Liliana Panamá, Panama
Cambra Carrizo, Gina Panamá, Panama
Chong Liu, Cecilia Panamá, Panama
Goncalves, Antonio Panamá, Panama
Lara Mena, Alejandro Panamá, Panama
Linares, Jennifer Janet Panamá, Panama
Lopez Almanza, Carlos Modesto Panamá, Panama
Lopez Luzcando, Mariesther Panamá, Panama
Mejia Monzon, Zindy Del Pilar Panamá, Panama
Moreno Saldana, Menfis Panamá, Panama
Pessina, Zuleyka Moreno de Panamá, Panama
Nieto, Ilia Rebeca Panamá, Panama
Perez Burgos, Ileana Maria Panamá, Panama
Pineda Vega, Johnny Panamá, Panama
Stevenson Urena, Yorlenys Panamá, Panama
Tapia Guadamuz, Gicela Olivia Panamá, Panama
Vitola Linan, Gilberto Panamá, Panama
Wever Vargas, Anabelle Dafhne Panamá, Panama
de Obaldia Fierro, Ana Victoria Panamá, Panama

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