The Country Department Andean Group (CAN) is responsible for the promotion and development of Bank country strategies and programming in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

The department supports the process, negotiation, and administration of regional and country-specific projects and programs; leading and maintaining the relations of the IDB with member countries; supporting the implementation of country-specific operations; promoting and coordinating the use of the funds administered by the Bank or under parallel financing agreements, and monitoring the operation-related procurement activities of Bank borrowers and beneficiaries.

The management team is composed of the manager, the regional economic advisor and the country representatives. CAN is divided in five country offices in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.

Rafael de la Cruz

Manager of the Andean Country Group


Name Office in
de la Cruz, Rafael (GENERAL MANAGER) Bogotá, Colombia
Barrios Galvan, Juan Jose Washington D.C., USA
Castellani, Francesca Washington D.C., USA
Cuenin, Fernando Washington D.C., USA
Deza Delgado, Maria Cecilia Washington D.C., USA
Juarez Lopez, Sergio Fernando Washington D.C., USA
Lopez Salazar, Alvaro Washington D.C., USA
Lozano Forero, Noe Alejandro Washington D.C., USA
Martin Rivero, Lucia Emanuela Washington D.C., USA
Medina-Bolivar, Rocio J Washington D.C., USA
Nalvarte, Patricia Washington D.C., USA
Pineda Mannheim, Carlos R Washington D.C., USA
Ruiz Arranz, Marta Washington D.C., USA
Santiago, Ana Washington D.C., USA
Tabilo, Pablo Washington D.C., USA
Tamayo Campero, Daniela Washington D.C., USA
Yepez Albornoz, Maria Consuelo Washington D.C., USA
Zegarra Azcui, Francisco Washington D.C., USA


Name Office in
Ali Espinoza, Celia La Paz, Bolivia
Beverinotti, Javier La Paz, Bolivia
Chacon Rendon, Nelson Rene La Paz, Bolivia
Claure Alcazar, Eduardo La Paz, Bolivia
Conde Nina, Amancaya Briseida La Paz, Bolivia
Cossio Viorel, Jorge Isaac La Paz, Bolivia
Cuevas De Soliz, Miriam La Paz, Bolivia
Elliot Portal, Joyce La Paz, Bolivia
Fernandez Bleichner, Rossana La Paz, Bolivia
Game, Francisco Javier La Paz, Bolivia
Goytia Ramirez, Ariel Dietze La Paz, Bolivia
Julio, Faruk La Paz, Bolivia
Lunstedt Tapia, Christian La Paz, Bolivia
Melandri, Alejandro La Paz, Bolivia
Merida Brito, Mariana La Paz, Bolivia
Ocampo, Maria Jeannette La Paz, Bolivia
Otazu Salazar, Maria Delina La Paz, Bolivia
Pelaez Gunther, Georgia La Paz, Bolivia
Penaranda, Gina La Paz, Bolivia
Penaranda Escobar, Andrea Nicole La Paz, Bolivia
Rojas Portugal, Adriana La Paz, Bolivia
Salazar Lopez, Paola Alejandra La Paz, Bolivia
Sanchez Rodrigo, Jimena La Paz, Bolivia
Strauss, Wendy Grizel La Paz, Bolivia
Vargas, Marcela La Paz, Bolivia


Name Office in
Adaime Vanegas, Aida Bogotá, Colombia
Alba Perilla, Jose Luis Bogotá, Colombia
Andrian, Leandro Gaston Bogotá, Colombia
Angulo Sandoval, Liliana Bogotá, Colombia
Ariza Donado, Natalia Bogotá, Colombia
Barros Nunez, Marcelo Vinicio Bogotá, Colombia
Bautista Martinez, Olga Lucia Bogotá, Colombia
Botto Lugo, Raisa Isabel Bogotá, Colombia
Bustos Rios, Maria Paola Bogotá, Colombia
Contreras, Pedro Antonio Bogotá, Colombia
Coronado Duran, Nelson Camilo Bogotá, Colombia
Diaz Cruz, Mayde Bogotá, Colombia
Diaz Leiva, Francisco Bogotá, Colombia
Duran Coronado, Diana Marcela Bogotá, Colombia
Espitia Benitez, Tania Lorena Bogotá, Colombia
Garay Rodriguez, Pablo Andres Bogotá, Colombia
Garzon Tinjaca, Miguel Antonio Bogotá, Colombia
Giraldo Ayala, Andrea Marcela Bogotá, Colombia
Gomez Serrano, Laura Cecilia Bogotá, Colombia
Moreno Navarro, Ivan Gregorio Bogotá, Colombia
Parra Alvarez, Juliana Bogotá, Colombia
Perez Diaz, Oscar Uriel Bogotá, Colombia
Ramirez Salcedo, Gerardo Bogotá, Colombia
Rojas Acuna, Monica Bogotá, Colombia
Rojas Castano, Carlos Fernando Bogotá, Colombia
Segovia Navarro, Enrique Antonio Toribio Bogotá, Colombia
Sierra Sanchez, Alfonso Bogotá, Colombia
Tique Andrade, Alfonso Bogotá, Colombia
Troncoso Vargas, Adriana del Pilar Bogotá, Colombia
Valcarcel, Maria Victoria Bogotá, Colombia


Name Office in
Barrera Arellano, Felipe Fernando Quito, Ecuador
Brito Vera, Juan Carlos Quito, Ecuador
Calahorrano Tirado, Karina Alexandra Quito, Ecuador
Carrillo Maldonado, Paul Alexander Quito, Ecuador
Daza Donoso, Pablo Jose Quito, Ecuador
Diaz, Celina Quito, Ecuador
Diaz Cassou, Javier Quito, Ecuador
Durango Chavez, Andrea Paola Quito, Ecuador
Echeverria Recalde, Francisco Xavier Quito, Ecuador
Endara Izquierdo, Armando Eduardo Quito, Ecuador
Hidalgo, Jorge Quito, Ecuador
Lopez, Manuel Quito, Ecuador
Luzuriaga Vivanco, Jose Miguel Quito, Ecuador
Molina Baldeon, Maria Julia Quito, Ecuador
Poaquiza Carrasco, Dolores Janeth Quito, Ecuador
Palmerio, Gustavo Adolfo Quito, Ecuador
Perez, Fanny Penelope Quito, Ecuador
Proano Calle, Maria Marcela Quito, Ecuador
Proano Sotomayor, Maria Fernanda Quito, Ecuador
Quevedo, Fernando Quito, Ecuador
Rosero, Maria de los Angeles Quito, Ecuador
Sanchez Sandoval, Dalia Mariela Quito, Ecuador
Tobar Arias, Elsa Katherine Quito, Ecuador
Vaca Vega, Paola Quito, Ecuador
Vargas Palacios, Lucy Paola Quito, Ecuador
Villafuerte, Alba Cecilia Quito, Ecuador
Villagran, Carlos Humberto Quito, Ecuador
Villalba, Cristina A Quito, Ecuador
Zaidan Albuja, Samir Andres Quito, Ecuador


Name Office in
Arrunategui, Paola M Lima, Peru
Bardalez Del Aguila, Eliana Mercedes Lima, Peru
Baskovich, Jele Lima, Peru
Bernaola Cabrera, Alejandro Martin Lima, Peru
Cachay Espino, Gladis Virginia Lima, Peru
Campos Velazco, Carlos Alberto Lima, Peru
Caro Hinojosa, Elba Viviana Lima, Peru
Castilleja Vargas, Liliana Lima, Peru
Castillo Melendez, Leyla Lima, Peru
Colqui Segama, Sally Jasmin Lima, Peru
Cueva Guayama, Ana Rosa Lima, Peru
Diaz Tantaruna, Mariella Lima, Peru
Enciso Valdivia, Sheyla Isabela Lima, Peru
Gonzales La Rosa, Miguel Lima, Peru
Guadeamus Pescoran, Pamela Denisse Lima, Peru
Gutarra Aranda, Carlos Eduardo Lima, Peru
Huamani Falcon, Miguel Angel Lima, Peru
Inocente Caqui, Fiorela Celheste Lima, Peru
Lamas de Herrera, Rosario Lima, Peru
Okuma Aguena, Alexis Ricardo Lima, Peru
Quiroz Tocasca, Diego Mauricio Oswaldo Lima, Peru
Ramos Cruzado, Alfredo Lima, Peru
Ramos Liza, Luis Anthony Lima, Peru
Rodriguez Orellana, Kevin Edward Lima, Peru
Rodriguez Pascual, Maria Jose Lima, Peru
Saldana Galvez, Jorge Hernan Lima, Peru
Sanchez Neira, Liliana Sonia Lima, Peru
Toyama Anco, Andrea Guissella Lima, Peru
Trujillo Cabanillas, Cynthia Fiorella Lima, Peru
Vega Jarque, Mariana Elisa Lima, Peru
Yamamori, Masami Lima, Peru
Zuniga Quispe,Edwin Lima, Peru


Name Office in
Alvarez Perez, Andreina Marisol Caracas, Venezuela
Brandt, Ana Maria Caracas, Venezuela
Garcia Velasquez, Angel Arquimedes Caracas, Venezuela
Garcia Colina, Melanie Carolina Caracas, Venezuela
Hernandez Cruz, Yenfy Dali Caracas, Venezuela
Lacruz Zambrano, Milagro Andreina Caracas, Venezuela
Machado Arteaga, Patricia Carolina Caracas, Venezuela
Martin, Carmen Teresa Caracas, Venezuela
Moncada Villamizar, Carlos Augusto Caracas, Venezuela
Roa, Victor Eduardo Caracas, Venezuela

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