Call and Live Campaign

Launched in 2006, the campaign Call and Live raises awareness on human trafficking in Latin America and promotes national hotlines for prevention and victim protection. Call and Live is the result of a regional partnership between the IDB, the Ricky Martin Foundation and the regional offices of the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Call and Live was designed to achieve tangible developmental objectives through the strategic use of communication. The IDB’s expertise in this area, combined with Ricky Martin’s celebrity and commitment to this issue and IOM’s technical know-how in hotline management, are powerful ingredients to heighten awareness and potentially save lives.

Call and Live is an unprecedented effort in the fight against human trafficking. As a result of these campaigns (Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Peru) 33,000 phone calls have been received through the national hotlines. These calls have fostered 176 police investigations and approximately 6,000 potential victims of human trafficking have received life-saving information.

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