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Swiss Technical Cooperation Trust Fund for Consulting Services and Training Activities

Fund Description

The Swiss Technical Cooperation Trust Fund for Consulting Services and Training Activities (STC) was established in 1994 through an agreement between the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and the IDB to address the increased need for non-reimbursabel technical assistance as reflected in the documents on the "Program for the Development of Technical Cooperation among Member Countries of the Bank" (1991) and the Eight General Capital Increase (1994). Throughout the years STC resources provided financing in key strategic areas for the Bank such as insfrastructure and environment, and institutional capacity / finance. The country focus shifted from primarily low income countries to those whose integration process into global markets is moving forward steadily, however still face significant poverty and economic development challenges and which in the case of LAC are Colombia and Peru.


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Main Characteristics

Established in 1994, the Swiss Fund for Consulting Services and Training Activities (STC), is one of the oldest bilateral donor Trust Fund in the Bank. The STC were to respond to sector demands emanating from the borrowing member countries, i.e. it did not have a pre-defined focus on a given sector. Nevertheless, over the years, the STC seeks to address TC demands in the following main areas: (a) financial / banking sector, (b) private sector development, (c) energy and environment, and (d) commerce and transport. With respect to country eligibility, the Fund primarily supported countries classified by the Bank as C&D, However, reforms in the Swiss bilateral development assistance policy for Latin America and the Caribbean, reduced the number of eligible countries to two, that is Colombia and Peru. Given the overall size of the Fund, project proposals should not exceed US$ 150,000. In exceptional cases said limit may be exceeded. All project proposals require Donor approval.

Type of Project

Funding is available for pre-feasibility and feasibility studies (including environmental impact assessments), project appraisals, strategy or policy formulation, innovative evaluation activities, technical assistance, and capacity building activities.

Beneficiary Countries

The eligible countries are Colombia and Peru. The fund can also be used for regional projects and which also benefit the aforementioned countries.

Eligible Sectors

Development of capital markets, environment and energy, private sector development, trade and transportation.

Eligible Nationality of Consultants

The resources of the fund are untied, i.e. all nationalities from Bank member countries may participate in the selection processes related to the contracting of consultancies or purchasing of goods.

Project Size

Up to US$ 150,000. In exceptional cases, the project amount may exceed said limit.


1. What is the maximum amount per project? Project amount may not exceed US$ 150,000; in exceptional cases said limit may be exceeded. 2. Are the resources tied to Swiss nationals and products? The resources of the Fund are not tied, i.e. nationalities from all Bank member countries may participate in the procurement processes. 3. In which language should project proposals be submitted to the Fund? Proposals may be submitted in English or Spanish; nevertheless preference is given to English. 4. Which is the timeframe for donor approval? The approval is usually granted within a 2-4 week period, but is primarily determined by the complexity and size of the project proposal.

Donor Country / Donor Gross Pledge Received (Credited) Pledge
    State Secretariat For Economic Affairs (Seco) 7.01 5.70
Total 7.01 5.70

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  • All Pledged Amounts are as of 12/12/2017
  • Amounts are in Millions
  • Amounts are expressed in USD converted as of the current date

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