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Gender and Diversity Fund

Main Characteristics

The objective of the Gender and Diversity Fund is to contribute to the equitable and culturally-appropriate development of IDB member countries by fostering gender equality, combating discrimination, and supporting development with identity. The Fund will serve three main target populations: women and men in positions of disadvantage resulting from gender-based discrimination and inequality, indigenous peoples, and Afro-descendants.

Type of Project

Project Development: the integration of gender and diversity issues in country programming processes and operations, as well as the testing of new or existing methodologies that have potential for scaling up or replication in member countries Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building: to strengthen the institutional capacity of government entities to incorporate the strategic needs and interests of the target populations more effectively in programs and projects; support dialogue among government agencies, indigenous peoples’ organizations, afro-descendant communities and private sector organizations in order to foster effective participation and representation in public and civic life Knowledge Management: support governments’ efforts to incorporate gender and diversity issues in development programs and projects by providing them with the necessary evidence, knowledge and analytical tools

Beneficiary Countries

All Bank´s borrowing member countries are eligible.

Eligible Nationality of Consultants

Consultants of all Bank´s member countries are eligible.

Recent Performance

During 2011, the Fund financed 7 projects for a total of US$ 3,3 million.

Donor Country / Donor Gross Pledge Received (Credited) Pledge
    Federal Ministry Of Finance Of Austria (Bmf) 0.30 0.30
    Global Affairs Canada 0.94 1.07
    Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Of Denmark 2.39 2.39
    Norwegian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 7.19 7.23
      United Kingdom
    Department For International Development (Dfid) 0.08 0.01
Total 10.90 11.00

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  • All Pledged Amounts are as of 11/21/2017
  • Amounts are in Millions
  • Amounts are expressed in USD converted as of the current date

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