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French Technical Cooperation Trust Fund for Consulting Services and Training activities - Regular Fund

Fund Description

The fund was established by a cooperation agreement signed on January 30, 1997, by the French Ministry of Finance and the IDB. The purpose of the fund is to provide financial assistance in support of the IDB’s technical cooperation activities.


GCM Single Window

Main Characteristics

The resources of the fund should be used to finance the fees, per diem and related travel expenses, and other costs of individual consultants, specialized institutions, or companies that provide short- or medium-term consulting services. All activities financed must be part of technical cooperation projects sponsored by the Bank. For training activities, workshops, or meetings of entrepreneurs, the donor requires that resources be used only to cover the fees, travel expenses, and perdiem of the French participants. In accordance with IDB technical cooperation procedures, funding requests can originate in one of two ways. Any eligible beneficiary institution in a borrowing member country can submit a request by presenting it to the pertinent IDB Country Office and securing an official declaration of priority from the central government of the pertinent country. Alternatively, an IDB project team leader can submit a funding request, which usually happens when proposals involve project preparation and related activities. For consideration of proposals, the donor requires evidence that candidate projects have been officially included in the IDB’s technical cooperation program prior to submission. The beneficiaries may be public or private institutions from the eligible beneficiary countries The IDB, in accordance with its established procedures, is responsible for the recruitment, selection, contracting, and supervision of consultants financed under this Agreement. All requests should be presented in English or French.

Type of Project

The fund finances project identification, pre-feasibility, and feasibility studies sponsored by the IDB, including environmental impact assessments, project appraisals, implementation and supervision activities, training, seminars, workshops, institutional support for any technical service, and technical assistance related to the rehabilitation of projects in difficulty or in the post-evaluation stage.

Beneficiary Countries

France prefers to extend its resources to the poorest countries, e.g. Haiti, Surinam, Guyana.

Eligible Sectors

Francia prefers to extend its resources for infrastructure projects.

Eligible Nationality of Consultants

75 percent of the amount approved to finance a technical cooperation project is tied to the contracting French consulting services. Up to 25 percent can be used to contract local consulting services provided by companies or individuals from the beneficiary countries.

Project Size

Operations average US$150,000.


The IDB project team leader prepares the profile in French or English and presents it to GCM's Single Window. If it conforms to the Fund’s objectives, it is sent to the donor for evaluation and approval. The IDB identifies, selects and contracts the consultants following its internal rules and procedures


The agreement was modified in February, 2009 to grant access of the funds to the IIC.

Recent Performance

GCM is in discussions with the donor is the streamlining of procedures.


Best Case Study – ATN/FC-8472-RS - Decentralization and Urban Development in Mercosur Area
Best Case Study – ATN/FC-8751-EC - Feasibility for Fish Aggregating Devices (FAD) in Galapagos
Mejor Caso Práctico-ATN/FC-9298-RS/ATN/FC-9299-RS – Diálogo Regional en Transporte Urbano

Donor Country / Donor Gross Pledge Received (Credited) Pledge
    Ministry Of The Economy And Finance Of France 10.21 10.21
Total 10.21 10.21

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  • All Pledged Amounts are as of 10/23/2017
  • Amounts are in Millions
  • Amounts are expressed in USD converted as of the current date

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