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Spanish General Cooperation Fund (FGE)

Fund Description

The Spanish General Cooperation Fund was established in March 2001 with a contribution of 50 million Euros by the government of Spain. The purpose of the fund is to provide reimbursable resources for cofinancing and non reimbursable resources for technical assistance and provision of Spanish human resources in support of the IDB’s activities in priority sectors: reduction of poverty and inequality, regional integration, improvement in porductivuty and competitiveness, modernization of State, environmenatl protection and efforts to address climate change. The donor agency is the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.


GCM Single Window

Main Characteristics

The fund provides reimbursable resources for cofinancing, non-reimbursable resources for Technical Cooperation and Human resources contributions, in those areas that are of Spain´s interest and related to Bank´s institutional strategy, such as reduction of poverty and inequality, regional integration, improvements in productivity and competitiveness, promotion of the private sector, financial inclusion, State modernization, environmenatl protection and efforts to address climate change. All Fund´s activities will be carry out In accordance with IDB´s procurement policies and procedures. The loans financed by the Fund´s resources shall be granted to the Bank´s borrowing countries to cofinance projects with sovereign guarantees. Fund´s resources for technical cooperation should be used to finance honoraria, per diems, and travel expenses related to the services provided by individual consultants, specialized institutions, or companies supporting technical cooperation projects sponsored by the IDB. Programs to provide human resources may include the hiring of Spanish professionals from the public or private sector.

Type of Project

Non-Reimbursable financing is available for activities linked to the preparation, execution and evaluation of IDB loan operations, including pilot projects, feasibility studies, and other relevant studies. Stand-alone projects can also be eligible, provided they involve activities that support IDB strategies. FGE´s resources also can be used to co-finance reimbursable operations and to provide Spanish professionals to the Bank.

Beneficiary Countries

All IDB borrowing member countries are eligible.

Eligible Sectors

Priority sectors to be financed by the Fund include the regional integration of Latin American and Caribbean countries, improvemnet of productivity and competitiveness, modernization of the State, environmental protection and efforts to address climate change. In this context, the FGE has financed projects en the following areas: financial and capital markets, private sector development, agriculture and rural develoment, comerce, urban development and housing and turism.

Eligible Nationality of Consultants

Up to 50 percent of the amount provided for each project for Technical Cooperation is tied to the contracting of Spanish consultants or consulting firms. The remaining 50 percent of non-reimbursable resources can be used to contract services of consultants from other IDB member countries. Reimbursable resources are open to all Bank´s member countries.

Project Size

Projects range from approximately US$150,000 to US$500,000, although projects up to US$2,5 has been financed by the FGE.


- Priority will be given to Technical Cooperation projects related to a Bank´s loan operation.- The IDB identifies, selects and contracts the consultants following its internal rules and procedures.

Recent Performance

In 2011, the IDB approved 39 projects financed by the FGE for a total of US$7,9 million.


Best Case Study – "Promoción de Cadenas de Valor en la Provincia de Mendoza"
Best Case Study – "Transmisión de Remesas de Emigrantes"
Best Case Study – ATN/FG-8438-RS – “Implementación de Experiencias Piloto de Desarrollo Rural Local en América Latina”
Best Case Study – "Fortalecimiento de la Cooperación y la Integración entre las Aduanas de LA"

Donor Country / Donor Gross Pledge Received (Credited) Pledge
    Ministerio De Economía Y Competitividad De España 87.99 80.94
Total 87.99 80.94

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  • All Pledged Amounts are as of 11/21/2017
  • Amounts are in Millions
  • Amounts are expressed in USD converted as of the current date

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